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Thank you for visiting WealthHunters.com- owned by WealthHunters LLC. We’re thoroughly committed to helping you accomplish financial and spiritual freedom by providing you actionable content, resources, products, and services. Our goal is to help each and every website visitor avoid financial and spiritual turmoil through self-education. We’re focused on creating a community centered around progress the maximization of human potential.

By visiting WealthHunters.com, you agree to the terms of service. By visiting and using our website, you are agreeing to the terms listed. You are subject to any terms, rules, or provisions regarding any of our services- both paid and free.

The site and its components are offered for informational purposes only. WealthHunters LLC is not responsible or liable for any inaccurate information. Any information that proves to be inaccurate is by mistake and not by intention. We take great measures to ensure accuracy of information at all costs. WealthHunters LLC is not responsible for the omission of information regarding all subject matters covered in our content. In regards to information related to the foreign exchange market and currency trading, all trading strategies and content is opinion-based. We hold no liability for financial and emotional losses undertaken by any site visitor of WealthHunters.com. WealthHunters LLC members hold no securities license and provide the information as a result of personal passion for currency trading and financial freedom. We sincerely commit to helping others achieve their financial goals with a variety of financial strategies that will be covered throughout the website. WealthHunters LLC holds no liability for the application or result of any financial strategies or services.

WealthHunters LLC will never share your information with third-parties without your express written or verbal consent. We reserve the right to be compensated by affiliates for our referrals and advertisements. The referrals will either come directly from the actions of website visitors of WealthHunters.com, or the written, or verbal consent, of website visitors of WealthHunters.com. WealthHunters LLC formally notifies all website visitors and reserves the right to advertise and receive money from third parties for referrals and advertisements. WealthHunters LLC will never refer a resource, product, or service that we believe will harm a website visitor to WealthHunters.com. By sharing your information with us directly- via form submission or verbally, or any other digital or written means- you accept our right to market and remarket a variety of products, services, and resources that we provide directly and through partnerships.

WealthHunters LLC accepts no legal liability for any physical or emotional complications that may result from watching videos or consuming any content that we produce directly or through third party advertisements.

WealthHunters LLC is committed to providing original content. If you believe that our content infringes upon a copyright you possess, please email us at info@wealthhunters.com. If it is proven that we have accidentally violated copyright laws, or have operated in poor taste, we will happily remove the content in question. mailto: info@wealthhunters.com

WealthHunters LLC is committed to protecting the data rights of all website visitors. We have a secured domain and take proper measures to ensure that any information you provide is permanently protected. We operate with honest intentions and are committed to only using data provided and obtained from clients and visitors of this web domain for the purpose of bringing benefit. We accept no legal liability for any information breaches that may occur at the hands of a hacker or third party. WealthHunters LLC accepts no liability or responsibility for data breaches or the compromization of any individual or company’s data. However, we recognize and follow best practices to ensure the safety of any and all website visitors.

All physical merchandise and goods-for-sale are our responsibility up until the point it is received by the mail delivery service or courier. Once the package is accepted from WealthHunters LLC, the responsibility for delivery falls on the courier. Thus, WealthHunters LLC is only partially responsible for delivery. Although we intend to ensure you receive your purchase within three-to-five business days, please allow up to seven business days for the delivery of any goods. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the goods purchased, you may return the product so long as there is no physical wear-and-tear. The product must be in resellable condition in order for us to issue a refund. Any shipping costs will be paid by the purchaser.

All services offered in the present and future are intended to help clients achieve financial freedom, spiritual freedom, or ideally both. Services vary based on the clients needs and will be expressed in written format agreed upon prior to services being rendered.

All in all, we want every website visitor of WealthHunters.com, and future clients or customers, to understand our commitment to their success, honesty, and integrity. Please feel free to reach out and let us know any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns you may have. We remain committed to improving our company and your experience at all costs.


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