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  • Man sitting down and budgeting for their monthly spending
    Budgeting 101

    Budgeting for Beginners: What is Budgeting? Budgeting doesn't have to make you anxious. Contrary to popular belief, budgeting can actually be fun once you get the hang of it. We have budgeting tips that can make life easier. Whether you're planning to run a business or simply want to stop

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  • couple starting to save for a home
    How to Save Money for a House!

    Planning to buy a house? 10 Tips to Save Money for a House! Are you planning to buy a house but don’t know where to begin? Financial security is the first step to owning a home. My wife and I recently began planning to buy a house! Obviously, we are

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  • Young lady contemplating downsizing to save money
    Downsizing Your Life Can Make You Wealthy!

    Why Downsizing Your Life is Necessary Downsizing your life by cutting expenses is an extremely logical way to achieve financial freedom. Sure, the ability to earn money precedes the test of saving it. However, downsizing to save money requires a discipline rarely demonstrated in American culture. Accordingly, let's discuss tips

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  • Girls on a shopping spree to ease their emotional state
    Emotional Spending: The Link Between Money and Mental Health

    An Emotional Spending Overview Money is a source of joy and stress. Most people feel better with money and worse without it. Whether rich or poor, emotion-filled financial choices typically go against better judgement.  So how do we end emotional spending and make wise financial choices? Spending money can be

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