Money Challenge Day 1

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Live The Life You Deserve By Defining What You Truly Want!

Let’s keep it real…This journey is about making money. Let’s live like we already have it. What will you do with the money? How will your success change the world and people around you for the better? Understanding your “why” will increase your persistence. Let’s define our why and create a burning desire that can’t be put out by adversity or laziness!

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Autosuggestion is the vehicle to turn desire into reality!

QUESTION: How do we create a burning desire, or lasting ambition?

ANSWER: Autosuggestion.

Autosuggestion is a heavily-emphasized concept in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. Autosuggestion is a psychological technique used to program our subconscious mind to positively (or negatively) influence our thoughts and emotions. You can practice autosuggestion by writing your goals and how you achieved them before the process has been complete in the physical world.

Let’s call this completed writing your personal mission statement. Read your personal mission statement outloud after waking up and before you go to sleep. Doing so brings your goals into the physical world. This process is known as autosuggestion.

Be sure to include your why in the personal mission statement. We need something bigger than ourselves to persist through challenging times. With a clear understanding of our goals and why it’s important (to the world) we achieve them, we can overcome anything!

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Define Our Goals And Why It's Important To The World We Achieve Them!

Complete The Form Below To Create An Example Draft Of Your Personal Mission Statement!

  1. What is the ultimate goal you want to accomplish?
  2. How much money will you need to achieve your goal?
  3. What habits/distractions will you have to overcome to achieve your goal?
  4. Why is your goal personally important for you to achieve?
  5. How will achieving your goal benefit others (family, friends, community)?
  6. What skills will you need to develop to achieve your goal? 
  7. What expert advice or professional assistance will help you achieve your goal? 
  8. Who in your immediate network (friends, family, colleagues) could help you achieve your goal?

Edit Your Personal Mission Statement Then Save It To Your Phone!

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Complete Day #1 of WealthHunters' Money Challenge!

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