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  • Booker calculating stock prices and the best investments
    Investing 101: Crucial Information for Newbies

    What is Investing? Making smart money decisions by adequately assessing risk and jumping on opportunities to generate a profitable return. In a broader sense: investing means forking over some funds now, for a large return later. Truth be told, there are a million different ways one can invest whether it's

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  • How to buy a foreclosed home to flip it using a guide
    A Guide to Buying Foreclosed Homes

    Real estate investors can use seemingly countless methods to make money, and WealthHunters is here to talk about one of the trickier ones: buying foreclosed homes. One popular approach is the "fix-and-flip," which involves buying a home with the goal of selling it at a profit. The investor will purchase

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  • Person counting their assets thinking about buying a house in 2018
    Should I Buy a House in 2018 or Wait?

    How to Avoid the 2018 Real Estate Bubble A 2018 real estate bubble may come as a surprise to you, but the signs seem clear: We're right in the middle of the 2018 housing bubble. Since the 2008 market crash, the U.S. real estate market has steadily grown along with the

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  • Real Estate buyer getting a house using a REIT
    Real Estate Investment Trusts: An Overview

    An in-depth look at Real Estate Investment Trusts for new investors. So you’re interested in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)? Great! Then let's talk about real estate investment trusts. Here's why: If you're planning on trying out real estate investing, your research is even more important as fears of a

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