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What is WealthHunters?

A community, brand, and lifestyle focused on helping the financially ambitious achieve financial and spiritual freedom.

What is WealthHunters’ Mission Statement?

We empower aspiring and active entrepreneurs to achieve financial and spiritual freedom through progressive content, products, and services!

What Does Financial and Spiritual Freedom Mean to Us?

Financial freedom
  • The absence of anxiety and stress resulting from money.
  • A peace-of-mind achieved by having enough money to cover living expenses.
  • The ability to travel, think, and act without money being a hinderance.

Being unconcerned with money doesn’t constitute financial freedom. Unforeseen circumstances arise and create a need for money. Financial freedom is the ability to pay for expenses that improve life quality while not being reliant on those experiences to be happy.

Spiritual Freedom

Spiritual freedom is an individual’s ability to enjoy life in peace and harmony with the universe. We believe financial and spiritual freedom are connected.

Comfortability comes at a cost in our capitalistic society. Unfortunately, a money shortage can cause the inability to:

  • improve health
  • mobilize business ideas
  • access unique life experiences
  • create opportunities for oneself and family
  • influence the world at massive scale

Wealth is not inherently evil. The wealthy have the choice to use money for good or evil. Unfortunately, money problems cause pain, suffering, and stress. The negative emotions that result from a lack of money can cause desparation. Unfortunately, desperation often leads to negative thoughts and actions.

Occasionally negative thoughts and actions can produce wealth. Those that became wealthy through negativity often have a hard time returning to positivity. As a result, millions of people have the impression that money is inherently evil. WealthHunters is determined to change that dynamic.

What Are WealthHunters’ Brand Values?

  • Ambition
  • Clarity of Targeted Goals and Purpose
  • Persistence
  • Self-Education
  • Discipline

Entrepreneurship cannot occur without ambition. Ambition is the catalyst for action. Without ambition, there is not enough energy to affect change.

After arousing ambition, the next step is to define your goals and purpose. We strongly suggest writing down your goals to bring them into fruition in the physical sense. After defining your goals, persistence will allow you to push through the difficult times to achieve them.

There will always be knowledge gaps on the road to maximizing our human potential. Appropriately, the next step is self education. We must humbly accept there is much to learn and enjoy the process of improving our knowledge.

Accordingly, WealthHunters creates actionable content for the modern entrepreneur. Even if you don’t want to start a business, the information found on WealthHunters.com is intended to help you earn more money.

Lastly, without mental discipline, you will give up as soon as your goals become difficult to accomplish. No matter what your goals are, you will inevitably encounter difficulty. Mental discipline can be developed through meditation and other habit-building exercises that increase your ability to focus for a prolonged period of time. Read about using meditation for business success to get a head start! Mental discipline is always present in any success story!

What is WealthHunters' Brand Engagement Strategy?

Currently, WealthHunters’ brand engagement strategy is based on content marketing, clothing, merchandise, and social media. We create content on a variety of subject matters- all with the intention to help you achieve financial and spiritual freedom.

You will find our ten content categories in WealthHunters’ Digital Magazine! We hope to cover enough money-related topics to promote wealth consciousness in the masses. If your ever curious about a subject matter or would like to ask a question, please let us know!

The WealthHunters’ brand only grows if we create tremendous value for you. On a daily basis, our goal is to create actionable, informative content to do just that. Also, please reach out to us and we will help you for free if it is within our power! We hope to help bring you one step closer to success.

WealthHunters is on the rise, but not on a pedestal. We don’t preach from the perspective of mastery. We create and share for the sake of mutual evolution. Our success is contingent upon the community we create and help expand. That is why we deeply care about your goals and their accomplishment. We want to earn your trust by producing something of great value. We look at this as a long-term relationship on the path to success!

Want to collaborate with us? Contact WealthHunters and tell us about your goals! We will get in contact with you to form your customized game-plan and help you achieve financial and spiritual freedom in the process!

What Is WealthHunters’ Community?

The WealthHunters’ community is a melting pot of aspiring and active entrepreneurs. The symbiotic relationship between contributors and members is essential to our platform. Contributors create content for the reader and in turn reinforce subject matter knowledge. As a result, the reader gains actionable knowledge from the contributor’s content.

Furthermore, the WealthHunters’ community connects entrepreneurs with resources to increase income, save money, and develop entrepreneurial skills. There are millions of products and services appealing to entrepreneurship. The WealthHunters’ community saves you time and money by identifying resources, products, and services that align with your goals.

The WealthHunters’ community started in 2018. We’re excited to build the community from the ground up. As we continue to expand, we hope to define increasingly valuable ways to benefits everyone involved. Please contact the WealthHunters’ Community to help you accomplish your goals.

What Is The WealthHunters’ Lifestyle?

The WealthHunters’ lifestyle is the daily, and nearly incessant, pursuit of financial and spiritual freedom. Our lifestyle is void of many American cultural norms. Birthdays, holidays, and milestones do not constitute a break from daily financial progress. Weekends are often spent executing tasks that can’t be completed during the week. Personal relationships are often more distant than normal- unless the relationship is connected through mutual goals.

Massive success cannot occur without an equivalent sacrifice. Therefore, we aim to create a community centered in sacrifice to make the journey more enjoyable. The WealthHunters’ lifestyle is centered around the relentless pursuit of goals!

WealthHunters’ Lifestyle Daily Activities and Habits
  • Strategic Planning: 1-2 hours
  • Task Execution: 8-14 hours
  • Meditation or Yoga: 1-2 hours
  • Physical Exercise: 20 minutes- 2 hours
  • Sleep: 4-8 hours
  • Recreational Activities: 30 minutes – 2 hours
  • *** time variance based on goal timelines and personal daily needs

How Do I Start Living The WealthHunters' Lifestyle?

The WealthHunters’ lifestyle doesn’t require abandoning loved ones or those with different life goals. However, it does require honest communication. It’s imperative to communicate your exact intentions to loved ones in a transparent manner. We suggest beginning the conversation by delivering a copy of your life plan to family and friends!

Here are some actionable steps on how to communicate with loved ones about your WealthHunters’ lifestyle:
  • Deliver a document to friends and family summarizing your specific goals, purpose, and daily schedule.
  • Remind them about the competitive world we live in and the sacrifice required for your success.
  • Inform them you will be less available to participate in vacations, weekend adventures, family events, etc.
  • Remind them your absence is necessary to accomplish your goals and not permanent.
  • Remind them this not only for personal benefit, but also for theirs as well. Tell them about your goal to change the world with the financial resources you create and let them know that part of the money you earn will be spent enjoying life with them!
  • Ask them if they have any comments or questions.
  • Have an open, honest conversation without getting angry or convinced that your plan won’t work.

The WealthHunters’ lifestyle is all about passion, discipline, and sacrifice for the greater good- hopefully they will understand that.

Who Is WealthHunters' Target Audience?

Broadly speaking, WealthHunters’ target audience is aspiring Millennial and Generation Z entrepreneurs. However, we encourage older and younger generations to participate as well. We create content for anyone that is financially ambitious- not only aspiring or active entrepreneurs.

The millennial generation is the largest in size and spending power. Therefore, WealthHunters aims to shape the world for generations to come by sparking a millennial financial evolution. Also, we want to reach Generation Z during their definitive, young adult years and help them change the world for the better.

WealthHunters’ target audience is anyone willing to break out of their comfort zone to accomplish financial and spiritual freedom. Most people take the safe route and adhere to societal terms. Hence, WealthHunters helps aspiring entrepreneurs step out of their comfort zone and into greatness.

Who Is The Ideal WealthHunters Community Member?

Everyone that is committed to financial and spiritual freedom and willing to sacrifice normalcy in order to achieve their goals is welcome to join WealthHunters’ Community!

Your past is irrelevant as long as your committed to financial and spiritual freedom. WealthHunters’ embraces those seeking redemption from past mistakes as long as they’re committed to financial, personal, and spiritual progress. We firmly believe that anyone committed to maximizing their human potential and willing to sacrifice non-progressive habits can accomplish great things in the world. Thus, we embrace felons, former addicts, and people with mental illness. We support those committed to overcoming shame. Don’t let your past prevent you from an excellent future!

What Is WealthHunters' Vision For The Future?

WealthHunters’ vision is to create a community around the journey to financial and spiritual freedom. The risk and sacrifice required to abandon normality and commit to change is scary. Furthermore, it can be more difficult to go at it along. By creating a community around the fearless pursuit of success, we hope to improve the odds you’ll stick with it!

We pursue our goals with life and death intensity. While it’s impossible to compare our mission to brave military veterans, we feel there is something to be gained from a “soldier’s mindset”. How much are you willing to sacrifice for the greater good?

Below are a few parallels between committing to the WealthHunters’ lifestyle and joining the armed forces:
  • Both require mental discipline, immense sacrifice, and the commitment to push through uncomfortable times to achieve success.
  • Most of society will not be able to relate to your lifestyle.
  • Your confidence in your success will be challenged.
  • You’ll need strong-minded mentors and peers to help push your commitment to completion when things get difficult.
  • Family and friends will miss the time you used to spend with them and occasionally want you to go back to your “old ways”.
  • The idea of accomplishing the end result makes the entire process beautiful and memorable.

What's the Purpose of WealthHunters?

The purpose of life is to live freely and make an impact. We firmly believe wealth enables innovation by creating more time for self-education and spiritual enlightenment.

People often express their desire to escape “the rat race”. However, the majority of modern American society is too distracted by entertainment, relationships, weekends, holidays, and “work-life balance” to commit to purely progressive activities. Accordingly, this website is not for most people. WealthHunters is for anyone committed to working incessantly to improve the quality of life for themselves and their family.

WealthHunters is fuel for the modern hustler- constantly balancing risk with practicality. We encourage entrepreneurs to erode psychological limitations imposed by society to maximize human potential. By doing so, WealthHunters can live a reality most aspiring entrepreneurs only dream about in doing so.

To sum it up, WealthHunters are ambitious, persistent, and hungry for growth. The WealthHunters’ community is for those that have a direct purpose that money fuels but cannot replace. Therefore, we aim to help you increase your ambition and commitment to financial and spiritual success.


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