How To Get The World Wearing Your T-Shirt!

How To Get The World Wearing Your T-Shirt!

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Promoting your tshirt brand to be sold worldwide

A major step in starting your streetwear brand is knowing how to promote your T Shirts. Prior to printing hundreds of shirts and throwing it online, do your homework! In order for your T shirt marketing strategy to be effective, you need a vision. WealthHunters explains how to promote your T shirts by creating a T shirt marketing strategies that include Social Media and philanthropic collaborations.

Social Media and Streetwear T Shirt Marketing Strategies

Free social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook became necessary launching pads for streetwear T Shirt marketing strategies due to a millennial audience. Pre-Social Media brands like Stussy, Supreme, and Billionaire Boys Club depended on major collaborations and placement for their T Shirt marketing strategies. The use of Social Media enhanced their efforts and made it possible for others to enter the streetwear space. Today, mocial media is a go-to for T Shirt marketing strategies and messaging, which lays the foundation for T shirt promotion. How to promote your T Shirts becomes a question of creativity and work you put into your T Shirt marketing strategies.

Social Media Best Practices

Creating powerful content is necessary to promote your T Shirts on all online platforms. Doing so is crucial because content attracts traffic to your landing pages. Here are some best practices of how to promote your T shirts on Social Media:

  1. Take incredible product photos
  2. Write clear ad copy that drives your brand message into the heart and mind of your target audience.
  3. Write a strong Call-to-Action
  4. Include a link to your website or landing page on every post

These simple T Shirt marketing strategies organically create traffic, increases your followers, and eventually result in sales. As people visit your website and blog, they listen to your message and connect with your brand. As you grow, collaborations with other organizations and Social Media influencers will expand your T shirt marketing strategies.

Social Media influencers are people that make a living being in the public eye. In the ’90s, these were famous celebrities that seemed unreachable. Since the Social Media age, influencers are anyone with a large number of followers- an internet celebrity so-to-speak. The more views and followers they receive, the better the influencer. Using influencers is a great T shirt marketing strategy and recommendations are ultimately how to promote your T shirts.

Social Media (Not So) Best Practices

T Shirt marketing strategies require much attention to detail. This includes what you post to your online platforms. What are some T shirt marketing mistakes you ask?

  1. Posting content that is irrelevant to your brand.
  2. Undermining or being negative towards other streetwear brands
  3. Ignoring your core audience

Your message is your identity and plays a crucial part of your on-going T shirt marketing strategy. Going off-script can result in loss of loyal clients. In addition, when posting and learning how to promote your T shirts, it is crucial that you focus on your brand. Bashing other brands will turn off your followers and is distasteful. Lastly, you want to interact with your audience and always make them feel heard. T shirt marketing strategies should always include client interactions.

According to Forbes, numbers show that 71% of millennials purchased fashion or beauty products based on Instagram recommendations. In other words, Social Media is a tool for your T Shirt marketing strategies, messages, and sales. The important question is: how to promote your T Shirts if everyone else is doing the same thing? Social Media influencers play a hefty role for sales, but not everyone has ties to an influencer. Many T Shirt marketing strategies for startup streetwear brands start with a cause or charity that coincides with their messaging.

Tying to a Modern Cause: Letting T Shirts Market Themselves

Brands like Sevenly and HoMie boast not only a huge online following, but work with communities and charitable causes. Sevenly utilizes its Social Media channels to collaborate with various causes as their T shirt marketing strategies. The expression apparel brand invites their followers to tag their favorite organizations and then chooses which to campaign with for cross promotion. This increases awareness and money for these causes and Sevenly.

Australian brand HoMie is a brand that goes beyond awareness. Their T shirt marketing strategies focus on combating youth homelessness and 100% of proceeds go to the cause. In addition, as a collaboration with Project Pathways, “HoMies,” what the company calls the homeless youth they help, can participate in an internship program. This paid internship involves hands on training and education to help these youth progress into a working society.

The messaging and work that goes into these brands goes beyond just a T shirt marketing strategy and campaign. It’s an ongoing process that helps others in need and a great start to show how to promote your T shirts. 

The Best T Shirt Marketing Strategies We’ve Seen

Some of the best T Shirt marketing strategies are the ones that can do two things: 1) find a niche market; and 2) cater to diverse subcultures within that market. Brands that do this tend to have longevity in the streetwear industry.


CHNGE is a streetwear brand that advocates for the environment, human and civil rights, and self identity. It donates 50 percent of its profits to global charities. In addition, they are transparent about their partnering manufacturing facilities and use 100 percent organic cotton for their T shirts. This messaging pushes CHNGE’s T shirt marketing strategies to new heights by gaining their buyers’ trust in the product and company’s cause.

Boasting almost half a million followers on Instagram, their Social Media platform of choice, CHNGE continues its message of equality and activism through their model choice and T shirt marketing strategy. The charity-focused brand found its niche market in philanthropy work and serves the subcultures attached to those causes they collaborate with. CHNGE continues its T shirt marketing strategies of equality and activism messages through their model choice and T shirt printing.


This Los Angeles streetwear brand that collaborates with online influencers, radio personalities, and other streetwear designers goes beyond Instagram and Facebook for its T shirt marketing strategy.
Once a month, a box filled with ThreadBeast shirts and at times other brands is mailed to customers. This T shirt marketing strategy is a millennial’s dream: pay a monthly fee and receive clothes every five weeks. Subscriptions start as low as $55 and shirts are worth double. This T shirt marketing strategy is possible because ThreadBeast receives discounted shirts from their partners like The Hundreds and Primitive, and then pass on the savings to their customers. Includr confidence they are receiving clothes from reputable brands.

Back Beat Rags

Creator Isadora Alvarez oversees manufacturing and design herself between facilities a few miles from Back Beat Rags’s Los Angeles headquarters. Using skateboarding and surfing lifestyles as inspiration, Alvarez’s T shirt marketing strategy is laid back with an oversize style. Geared mostly towards women, Back Beat Rags is a brand for all body shapes and sizes with a growing online following. The T shirt Marketing strategy of a West Coast and low impact style demonstrates that Alvarez found a niche market that is catered to a diverse female subculture.

Other streetwear brands with great T shirt marketing strategies are infused with strong Social Media T shirt marketing strategies, contain meaningful messages, and/or utilize influencers to drive those messages and sales.

Creating Your T Shirt Marketing Strategy

Your T shirt marketing strategy must begin with your vision. It will then lead to your messaging, which will help with identifying your ideal client. Assessing your core message is crucial to your T shirt marketing strategy because it’s what your ideal client will connect with. Clients must feel empowered and trusting when wearing your T shirts, especially since they will recommend them to others.

The next step in your T shirt marketing strategy is to determine what your shirt symbolizes.

  • Does it tell your message clearly and effectively?
  • Is it made of great quality?
  •  Does it reflect your ideal client?

 These questions are important to know how to promote your T shirts, but also to determine whether success is ahead.

The next step in creating your T shirt marketing strategy is to research and contact charitable causes or determine if any current events relate to your message. Finding a cause attached to a current event that’s related to your messaging would be ideal, but it usually doesn’t happen that way. Many times you may have to create the awareness for the message yourself. Therefore, it’s important to find causes that line up with your messaging. 


How to promote your T shirts is heavily based on your vision. Being the most prominent piece in a customer’s collection, a T shirt marketing strategy is crucial. Building effective T shirt marketing strategies that use best Social Media practices will elevate your brand and grow clientele. In addition, T shirt marketing strategies with ties to charitable causes can help shirts market themselves. This guide shows how to promote your T shirts, but following through with your messages will bring customers back.

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