How To Create and Monetize Custom Band Merch

How To Create and Monetize Custom Band Merch

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Custom Band Merch “How-To” Guide

Custom band merchandise goes hand-in-hand with a band’s music and its live shows. A band’s brand is so essential to its success, efforts need to go beyond music. Custom band merch is a great revenue stream, but also a way for a fan to connect with a band. 

By wearing custom band merch, fans show their support and essentially become walking billboards. Wearing a band’s hat, shirt, or hoodie is widespread promotion and essentially can bring in more fans. All of this because of custom band merchandise!

How to Create and Monetize Custom Band Merchandise

Creating a custom band merch plan is tough, but the end goal of fans purchasing custom band merchandise and wearing it should always be in sight. The first question is, “Why should a fan pay money to buy our merch?” The answer is easy: to show it off. With that in mind, here are ways to create and monetize custom band merchandise.

1. Create a Captivating Logo for the Band

For new bands, the first step to creating great custom band merch is designing a logo that includes the band’s name. The name together with the design will solidify the band’s identity and brand.

Finding a graphic designer to create a logo for your custom band merchandise is also a hard task if you don’t know where to start. If you have a connection to a designer, you may want to go that route; however, you can find great freelance designers on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or even Indeed to help with your customer band merch logo.

Hiring an Online Graphic Designer

Fiverr has a number of graphic designers to choose from that start at $5. Each designer has a profile that contains reviews, pricing and portfolios. The downside to Fiverr, however, is the over saturation of graphic designers that it can be overwhelming. Still, it’s highly possible to find the right designer for your custom band merch logo, but may require additional time.

Upwork allows a user to find freelance designers for custom band merch logos. Essentially, a user simply creates a job post and Upwork will provide a data science driven list of qualified designers. While Fiverr allows a user to pay very little for a designer, Upwork focuses on the quality of a design, therefore the cost may be higher for a custom band merchandise logo job.

Indeed is the leading job search engines today and is another way to find great designers by simply posting a job and reviewing sent resumes. You can narrow the post to custom band merch designers and provide details. 

2. Decide What Type of Custom Band Merch Your Band Will Create

When deciding which types of custom brand merch to sell, think seasonal. T shirts and hats are staples, but when it’s winter, add beanies and sweatshirts to the custom band merchandise inventory. The same can be done for summer when tank tops and sunglasses are popular.

Catering to different regional markets with larger followings is also useful. For example, if a band has customers in Southern California, bandanas or sandals are great additions to the custom band merch catalog. For areas like Colorado and Utah, add gloves and scarfs to the custom band merch inventory. Keeping track of different regional trends also helps with custom band merchandise selection.

3. Find a Wholesale Distributor to Make Your Custom Band Merchandise

When searching for a wholesale distributor for custom band merchandise, the Internet is always a great start. In addition to the Internet, it’s helpful to speak to fellow musicians to get custom band merch distributor
referrals. Here are some options:

Dizzyjam is a one-stop-shop for online custom band merch. It sets up a free online shop and handles all printing and fulfillment. It’s as simple as uploading a logo, selecting which type of custom band merchandise to sell, and once an item is purchased, Dizzyjam prints and delivers. 

For bands that sell custom band merchandise on tour or handle online sales in-house, Bands on a Budget (BOAB) is definitely worth looking into. The online distributor promotes fast turnaround printing and budget friendly deals. In addition to custom band merchandise distribution, BOAB helps bands with inventory, drop shipping, and e-commerce needs.

Bandmerch is a combination of the first two with additional perks. In addition to services such as printing, designing, and shipment, Bandmerch manages fanclubs, creates retail placement opportunities, and pursues licensing services for bands. The all-in-one custom band merch company has a higher price tag, but is ready to take a band’s promotional needs to the next level.

4. Decide on a Price Point and Brand Marketing Strategy

Pricing custom band merch is always a debate. Some believe a donation is the way to go, others feel doubling the cost is correct. Whatever the price point is, it needs to be reasonable. According to Sonicbids Blog, there are four steps to follow: 1) calculate the cost; 2) determine the desired profit; 3) research what the industry norms are; and 4) small discounts, especially on older custom band merch.

A band can decide how much it wants to make after deducting the cost to produce the custom band merchandise. For example, if a hat costs $7 to make and sells for $8, the return on investment (ROI) is $1. This is obviously not desirable, but if the band priced the same hats at $12 each and sold a quantity of 200, the ROI is $1000. 

Some bands may also consider partnering with a charitable cause to enhance promotion and sales for their custom band merchandise. By doing so, bands can increase custom band merch prices to benefit the cause and generate decent ROIs.

A band’s logo is always the main feature of custom band merchandise; however, it’s important to take it a step forward. Custom band merch also includes a band’s popular song title or a famous lyric that fans recognize. Using alternative designs allows fans to choose which piece of custom band merch they want to buy, and eventually purchase other exclusive items.

Digital Promoting Strategies Are Necessary

Digital promoting for custom band merchandise is very important to generate sales. Many bands, however, go into it with zero understanding of how digital promotions work. WealthHunter’s provides clear guides on how to utilize different digital marketing platforms for custom band merchandise. One of those platforms is through Facebook Ads and is a staple in custom band merchandise digital promoting strategies. Facebook ads cost as low as $5 a week and are sold through auction, which Facebook then analyzes it and shows it to potential customers.

In addition to online ads, creating websites and blogs are also important. Writing creative content about custom band merch that includes internal and external links will help increase traffic. The more traffic, the higher position on Google Index – a digital library that retains digital data about different websites. As it pertains to online custom band merchandise stores, it’s important to index the products page with structured data using and Google Structured Data Testing Tool. These tools use digital language tactics that help drive even more traffic to custom band merch product pages through data recognition.

Additional Digital Marketing Strategies for Custom Band Merchandise

Using visual Social Media pages, such as Instagram and Pinterest, are used to help fans visualize products, ask questions and even purchase custom band merchandise. In addition, create postcards with QR codes to pass out at shows that link to a custom band merchandise page. Lastly, don’t be afraid of the DM button. Sending direct messages to fans who inquire about products is always a great way to maintain relationships and answer any questions about custom band merchandise.

When in Doubt, Use the Old Fashioned Way

After setting up your online store and marketing strategy, never forget that hand-to-hand sales never get old. Setting up custom band merch booths at shows is still the best way to interact with fans and make sales. It also gives a band the opportunity to receive feedback on which products fans want to see next. Newer bands take the time to visit fans and hand deliver their custom band merch. 

WealthHunters is ready to help you create your custom band merchandise strategy. Contact us for a free consultation. 

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