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Create another revenue stream by creating and selling your own streetwear! Explore the latest marketing strategies successful brands are using to throttle their success. Not interested in becoming a clothing entrepreneur? We keep you up-to-date with the latest streetwear styles and brands. 

Building a successful streetwear brand is as much science as art. Testing and refining your marketing strategy is just as important as the clothing designs. 

Savvy entrepreneurs generate millions by creating clothing that reflects the identity of their target audience. For some, it started off with one t-shirt idea. If your t-shirt speaks captures the thoughts, feelings, or style of enough people, you might have yourself a business…or at least some supplemental income.

Start by creating and selling your own t-shirt. We’ll help refine your design, create your t-shirt, and develop a winning marketing strategy. If you’re not interested in generating extra money from clothing, keep reading to discover more about streetwear.

What is Streetwear?

Casual clothing that typically reflects, and identifies with, niche urban subcultures and their associated lifestyle.

Streetwear combines fashion and culture. Different brands appeal to different subcultures- and it’s not by accident. For the streetwear entrepreneur, it’s important to identify your target audience and craft a personalized message that speaks to their lifestyle. This process requires research, trial, and error.

Streetwear has developed into a daily game jersey for America’s youth. Humans gain a sense of identity through clothing. What a brand represents plays a large part in the popularity of the brand. Thus, marketing and streetwear branding are as important as the designs themselves. Let’s take a further look at how streetwear successfully combines fashion and culture.

Fashion + Culture = Streetwear

Brands must stay closely tuned into the evolution of trends. By analyzing trends, streetwear entrepreneurs can capitalize on current events that influence human behavior. Music, skateboarding, and social media trends are all great examples.
As streetwear increases in popularity, revenue grows. Successful brands have a variety of different pricing strategies. The common route is to start off with affordable prices until the brand becomes popular. As demand increases, many brands raise prices and decrease supply to capitalize on exclusivity. 
Let’s look a little deeper into the history of streetwear to get a better understanding of how its impact got so massive.

History of Streetwear

Streetwear is said to have originated in California as early as late 1970’s- emerging from strong roots in surfing, skating, hip-hop, and urban subcultures. The clothing subculture is embraced by a variety of races including Asian, African-American, and Caucasian.

There isn’t a singular style to define the clothing niche. Throughout the history of streetwear, brands have repeatedly emerged with innovative apparel and marketing tactics. The trademark of a powerful streetwear brand is the ability to create trends instead of follow them.

Fashion entrepreneurs generate millions by combining cultural identity, great branding, and solid designs. To accomplish this, brands must stay closely tuned into the evolution of culture. Let’s take a look at the most influential brands in the history of streetwear.


Arguably, one of the most influential brands in the history of streetwear is Stussy. Stussy, created by avid surfer Shawn Stussy, rode surfing’s popularity wave to profitability. An avid surfer with an entrepreneurial streak, Stussy began his streetwear journey by printing t-shirts featuring the same logo on his surfboards. This was pure genius. The popularity of his surfboards and t-shirts individually helped boost the brand as a whole. Stussy began selling the t-shirts from his car and eventually partnered with a friend to begin distributing the clothing nationwide. Stussy now produces over $50 million in annual revenue and continues to influence surf, skate, and streetwear cultures.


Established in 1992 by Daymond John, FUBU quickly became one of the hottest brand is the history of streetwear. FUBU, which is short for “For Us, By Us” captured the heart of inner-city entrepreneurship. FUBU specifically represented hip-hop and African-American culture. The brand was founded on pride and self-identity and created a strong emotional connection with its supporters as a result.

Daymond John took out a mortgage on his own home to fund the brand’s growth. His leap-of-faith and self investment allowed him to spread the brand like wildfire. Countless platinum-selling hip-hop artists wore the clothing in magazines and music videos. Needless to say, FUBU captured the heart and soul of its target audience and became a source of self-identity and pride. By 1998, the brand produced over $350 million in revenue- making it one of the most successful ventures in the history of streetwear.


Few brands have the influence of New-York based Supreme. Launched in 1994 by James Jebbia, the brand quickly gained popularity with skateboarders and music artists. They took massive risks- with edgy designs and limited releases- that were quickly embraced by its skater-based audience. For over 25 years Supreme has continued to be one of the largest streetwear brands globally.

James Jebbia, the founder of Supreme, had a passion for skateboarding and a vision to give skaters clothing to embody their lifestyle. To do so, Supreme opened a store in New York and featured branding clothing items around the perimeter of the store and dedicated the heart of the store to skateboarding. This was not by accident. Jebbia realized skateboarding was the heart and soul of its target audience and streetwear was the uniform to convey that.

Jebbia understood the power of exclusivity. He was able to capitalize on “FOMO”-fear of missing out- by only releaseing a limited amount of each clothing item. Jebbia leveraged limited supply to increase demand and product prices. Because of this genius strategy, Supreme is now a billion-dollar brand.

Supreme even has multi-million dollar black market. Resellers sell items they purchased for more than double their original price. Arguably, Supreme has created more demand for their products than any other streetwear brand in the world.

The Recent History of Streetwear

The aforementioned brands, and other streetwear titans, have paved the way for streetwear to make a run from subculture to pop-culture. In recent years, designer streetwear brands have emerged- creating clothing with expensive materials and distinctive cuts. In fact, we cover the best streetwear brands on the market in one of our streetwear articles. Streetwear continues to redefine itself and increase its fashion influence across the globe. There are endless potential for entrepreneurs to capture the minds of consumers by creating clothing that captures how people think and feel.  With an array of online marketing opportunities, it’s a better time than ever to create your own streetwear brand. Tune into our blog for streetwear articles to shedding light on great brands and entrepreneurial tips.

WealhHunters’ Streetwear Mission

  • Identify marketing and branding strategies used by successful streetwear brands
  • Help fashion entrepreneurs launch and market their clothing
  • Create great clothing that represents the fearless pursuit of financial and spiritual freedom

First and foremost, it’s important to identify the brands that continue to make streetwear what it is today. We honor to the best streetwear brands in our blog out of respect and admiration. Also, like most of our audience, we’re always looking for great clothing!

Second, we’re committed to help entrepreneurs create a successful streetwear brand. Branding is the foundation of any successful business. WealthHunters’ Streetwear Blog sheds light on branding and marketing strategies to help take your idea to the next level. We can also help you create incredible product at affordable prices. Please contact us if you’re interested!

Third, we recently started our own streetwear brand. Currently, we’re focused on hats. Soon, we will release some t-shirts. We’re starting from humble beginnings like much of our audience and plan to share our journey every step of the way!

The WealthHunters’ streetwear brand represents the path to financial freedom. We hope to create a brand that symbolizes ambition and persistence. Check out all of our latest releases here!

Streetwear Marketing

If you’re interested in starting your own streetwear brand, you likely have some marketing questions. Namely, how do you get people to buy and wear your clothing. In today’s age, that requires numerous different platforms and marketing strategies.

The first step is to define your brand. By identifying your branding message and target audience, you can begin to create a marketing strategy. It’s important to be able to explain who will want to wear your clothing and the exact reason why. We cover this in how to create your own streetwear brand.

After defining your streetwear branding strategy, it’s important to identify which platform(s) you will market on. Different platforms have different benefits. Instagram and Pinterest are great for clothing and fashion. Pinterest hosts a primarily female audience while Instagram is a little more balanced. While Pinterest and Instagram are valid options, Google and Facebook are still marketing giants.

Facebook Advertising offers robust marketing opportunities. You can easily identify people’s interests and the brands they support. It’s also not extremely complex to put your products in front of the people who are likely to be interested in them.

After developing a solid website, Google is also a great way to test your overall branding. However, this platform requires some skill and experience to fully master. If you have marketing questions, contact us for free help!

Start Your Own Streetwear Brand Today

Whether you have questions about WealthHunters Clothing or want to start your own streetwear brand- reach out to us! Let us know your goals. We’d love to hear from you! To take action- fill out the form below and let us know how we can help you accomplish your goals.


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