Why Sales? All You Need to Know About a Career in Sales!

Why Sales? All You Need to Know About a Career in Sales!

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What is a Sales Job Like?

Ever wonder- “what is a sales job like?” A career in sales breeds self-discovery and self-confidence through metric-based evaluations. A Metric-based evaluation is an assessment of a worker’s performance based on job-related statistics. In some non-sales careers, tenure at the company and managerial perceptions have a greater ability to influence employee assessment because metric-based evaluations are not as in-depth, or public. In a sales career, numbers do not lie- nor do they hide- which is why sales tests the mental fortitude of most participants. True self-confidence is earned by welcoming metric-based performance evaluations.

Mastering any sales system requires work outside of work. Accordingly, spending time outside of work to perfect your sales pitch, tonality, and product knowledge is essential to improving performance. However, most people are unwilling to put in extra effort outside of work. Therefore, a strong commitment to skill development creates a tremendous advantage for the ambitious.

An Inside Look at a Sales Career

Bright Career in Sales

A sales career breeds great friendships and mentorships. Cohesively battling to close deals creates a unique bond amongst a sales team. Many sales representatives have a different demeanor with coworkers than with clients. Hence, there is a certain hilarity when watching extroverted co-workers go completely into character while engaging an interested buyer.

Veteran salespeople reflect on past experiences out loud when mentoring new salespeople. Ironically, the veteran salesperson could be younger, and the new salesperson could be older, and the previous sentence still holds true. Typically humbled by learning pains, new salespeople are often eager for advice. Many veteran salespeople happily take pride in helping. Flattered, they share how they overcame the same hurdles new salespeople are encounter. Helping a colleague learn a skill, and thus provide for their family, generates great karma. The mutual respect and appreciation for the process creates meaningful workplace relationships.

A great company culture breeds healthy competition. Jealousy is natural, but motivating. When sales are low, sales managers search for ways to motivate their sales team to improve performance. Obviously, nothing is more motivating to a true salesperson than seeing their name ranked at the bottom of a sales chart. On the contrary, not much is more pleasing than being the top performer and being acknowledged by your peers as such.

Anxiety and mental pressure can be overwhelming to some amateur salespeople. Having your job performance publicly displayed to the entire company on a huge screen can be intimidating. Public accountability can be uncomfortable until you own it. Furthermore, many new salespeople feel insecure knowing poor performance can result in job loss. However, great salespeople view uncertainty and pressure to perform as an opportunity to showcase their skillset and character. It’s all about your sales mindset!

Why Sales Should Be Your Next Career!

You Control (to an extent) How Much Money You Make!

One of the key benefits of a career in sales is the ability to control (to an extent) your own income. Sure, you may not be able to control your base pay or the bonus structure. However, if you work for a growing employer and continue to produce over time, they typically pay enough to keep you. You cannot hide in sales, but if you continuously close deals over time, you will surely stand out.

Closing Deals Prepares You For Life!

Life doesn’t always work out how you like it and neither does a career in sales! Positivity is required even on your “bad days” to achieve sales success. Some salespeople develop a permanent confidence through overcoming adversity. Others bounce from job to job, always blaming external situations instead of confronting personal flaws. Outlook is everything- which is why sales is said to be a mental sport. By overcoming adversity to master a sales system, you are not only becoming an elite salesperson, you are mastering life!

Your Performance Means More Than Your Reputation!

Sales performance cannot be covered up by office politics. In a sales career, numbers separate the real from the fake. In fact, most talented salespeople rarely have time to converse about the past or the future because they’re focused on getting the next deal!

You Learn to Live in the Moment!

Sales is a constant meditation. Each sale presents a new opportunity. Most elite salespeople master their ability to own the present moment. The key to a great career in sales is to dedicate all of your energy towards closing your next sale.

Ready to Begin Your Career in Sales?

I hope this defined why sales is a great career and answered the question “what is a sales job like”? Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with information on how to begin a career in sales! We are developing a system to connect aspiring salespeople with great job opportunities. Also, we’re happy to answer any questions regarding a sales career. Please check out our Sales 101 blog and fill out the form to discover why sales is a life-changing career! All help is 100% free of charge!

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