The Secret To Inside Sales Success!

The Secret To Inside Sales Success!

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What is Inside Sales?

Inside sales is similar to telemarketing. However, instead of simply raising awareness about a product or service via telephone, you close the deal on the phone call. An Inside Sales Representative needs great organization and communication skills to maintain contact with hundreds of clients simultaneously.

A strong sales mindset is important to become successful in Inside Sales. Inside sales will test your ability to overcome self doubt, monotony, and distractions just like any other job. However, your performance is amplified because an Inside Sales position measures your production by the number of deals you close or the money you collect.

Inside sales jobs typically offer an hourly, or salary, base pay plus commission. Commission is a percentage of sales revenue paid to the Inside Sales representative. The commission rate varies by industry and product cost.

WealthHunters’ Inside Sales Definition

Inside Sales is selling products or services via telephone and digital means in B2C, B2B, and SaaS companies.

Inside Sales Best Practices

Developing inside sales best practices is essential to gaining the confidence necessary to become an elite salesperson. Your sales mindset is largely dependent upon the principles you base actions and decisions upon. Sales principles are a set of rules, best practices, and guidelines to that frame every second of your shift.

Sales is a sport. Salespeople often relish the opportunity to measure their production versus their peers. Others find public accountability for sales production stressful. The difference in perspective is largely dependent on the implementation of inside sales best practices. Let’s explore a few.

The best way to develop reliable inside sales best practices is to shadow the most successful salesperson at your workplace. Shed any ego, ask them questions, and listen intently to their answers. After asking a few questions, ask if they would mind if you shadowed them at the time of their choice for 15-30 minutes. You may also have to check with a manager. If you’re allowed to shadow the expert salesperson- allow them to focus on their clients- watch, listen, learn, and take intensive notes.

Staying humble and making up for inexperience, or any shortcoming, with an intense focus is key to inside sales success.

Five Principles to Create an Unstoppable Inside Sales Mindset

Inside Sales Representative Work Station

Memorize the Script and Rebuttals.

Sales mindset determines preparation. If free time is more valuable than mastering your sales script, you may want to consider a position with hourly-based compensation. Phone sales are largely based on confidence, persistence, and ambition. Thus, you should memorize every script, rebuttal, and product feature. Ideally, you’ll internalize and personalize your script.

Write Down Your Sales Production Goals Before Your Shift.

Try writing down your sales goals before you leave for work. Then, forget all about them. This allows you to focus on taking action instead of chasing, or worrying about, results. Focusing on the future causes anxiety. Anxiety and sales don’t mix. Write down your sales goals and forget about them.

Focus on Action Over Results While “On the Clock”.

Make the mental commitment to focus harder when your mind begins to wonder. Mental discipline is key to maximizing your time. Try practicing meditation to focus more intently at work and in life in general.

Treat Each Call Like a New Experience.

Thinking about your previous call is one of the biggest mistakes you could make in phone sales. Whether you closed the deal or got rejected- you’re wasting time. Thinking, or talking, about a previous call prevents you from dedicating your time and energy towards getting the next deal. Try breaking your day into sections and commit to focusing to the best of your ability in shorter intervals.

Be Bold and Fearless.

The best salespeople erase the fear of rejection through forced comfortability. Not everyone starts their career with a strong sales mindset. Many salespeople have to overcome anxiety and self-doubt prior to becoming great. People that cannot overcome confidence and anxiety issues typically don’t last in sales. Why fear asking for the sale? If your confident the prospect’s life or business improves purchasing your product, tell them so with pride.

Inside Sales Jobs

Whether you are looking to become an Inside Sales Representative, or already have an inside sales job, we’d love to keep in contact with you. WealthHunters is creating a network to connect sales representatives with incredible companies!

If you have worked in sales long enough, then you know that great position and great salespeople are hard to encounter. Since we are passionate about sales and entrepreneurship, we have made it a mission to simplify matchmaking in sales jobs. Nobody has time to waste, so let us help increase your efficiency.

Since we’re brand new to the market, for a limited time only, let us help you land the right inside sales job or hire the right salesperson. Everything is free for a limited time only- let’s start your career in sales!

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