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    The Secret To Inside Sales Success!
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    Discover the secret to Inside Sales and reap the massive benefits of becoming a high-income sales professional!

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    Why Sales? All You Need to Know About a Career in Sales!
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    Learn about a career in sales! Sales allows you to control your own income and grow based on your performance. Improve your sales skills today!

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Instead of begging your boss for a raise, control your own income! Production numbers speak for themselves. Everyday you step onto the sales floor, think like an athlete. The sales board is your scoreboard. Mastering your script delivery, tonality, and rebuttals is practice. Each call or appointment is your opportunity to score. Some of your teammates arrive sluggish from “the night before” do just enough to skate by- but not you. You realize the numbers you put up on the scoreboard reflect your ability to manifest success.

Sales is all about confidence. Confidence in sales comes through preparation and presence. If you are worried about past sales performance or the result of your next sales attempt, you are destined to lose. If you are fully commit to creating your dream life at all costs, a sales career is a great launching pad to measure your progress.

Set goals, pursue them fearlessly, and measure your results on a daily basis. When you meet or exceed your goals, you set them higher to push your own evolution. When you fail, you work harder- studying every aspect of your sales process and come back prepared and confident.

Whether you are currently in sales or just gaining interest, I am talking to you! If you fully commit to success, you can earn well over 6-figures in sales with or without a college degree. Even more importantly, you will establish a natural confidence in your ability to manifest greatness. To get a free sales training consultation and free help landing a 6-figure sales job, click here. Or, continue reading to learn more about the evolution and history of sales.

Discover Why Sales Is Important

Sales is the lifeblood of every business. Generating revenue comes second to nothing!

No matter what kind of business you’re in- the ability to sell ideas, products, or services is essential to success. Salespeople have gotten a poor reputation. Confidence in a product and its value can be perceived as pushiness. However, humans typically fear and dislike concepts that make them uncomfortable. Whether you are a professional salesperson or a newbie, we hope to shed some insight that helps further your success in business.

We will provide you with a brief definition and history of sales. From there, we will build out specific article content dedicated to sharpening sales skills.

WealthHunter’s Sales Definition

The profession, or activity, of selling ideas, products, and services to a targeted audience in exchange for money or a desired action.

History of Sales

Over a hundred years ago, salesman setup shop in highly trafficked areas of the community. As a salesman, it is crucial to have access to your target audience. In the “old days”, the only way to do this was to “post up shop” near landmarks or go to people’s homes.

The door-to-door salesman was extremely popular prior to the invention of telephones and the internet. It was convenient for consumers to have the salesman to stop by their home instead of having to leave the house to purchase products or services. Furthermore, solid rapport is built when the consumer is aware that you traveled to them in order to offer something of value.

After the invention of the telephone, the salesman became more efficient. The telephone allowed for a salesman to develop an understanding of who is interested in their products or services prior to making a trip to their home. With the ability to access people quicker, salesmen leveraged phone technology to increase revenue. After the salesmen identified a prospect, the next step was to show up at their home to close the deal.

With the invention of the internet, salespeople are able to pre-qualify potential customers much quicker than in the past. Using the internet to access a customer base, then building rapport via telephone, has become a popular type of sale called Inside Sales. Outside Sales is when you complete a sale face-to-face. Many companies specialize in a combination of the two, while others stick to one or the other.

Now that we have covered a conceptual history of sales, let’s get more narrow and identify the pioneers that influenced the profession.

How the Salesman Got a Bad Reputation

In modern society, many consumers have a bad impression of salespeople. We can all blame Clark Stanley. Stanley is documented as the world’s first “snake oil salesman”. After Chinese immigrants traveled to America to build railroads in the early 1800s, Stanley and other opportunists sold “snake oil” – which was allegedly capable of magical cures for ailments and illnesses- to the masses. Because of the language barrier, no one could confirm the claims with the Chinese immigrants.

Snake oil salesmen traveled town-to-town selling vials- offloading huge quantities and skipping to the next town before anyone caught onto the lies. Unfortunately, the actions of Clark Stanley and other snake oil salesman have caused many consumers to assume that all salespeople are manipulative liars- which couldn’t be further from the truth!

IBM- The World’s First Industry Changing Sales Team

IBM, short for International Business Machines, is one of oldest, and most accomplished companies in the history of the world. The founder of IBM, Thomas J. Watson Sr., played a pivotal role in the history of sales. Watson Sr.’s time-tested theories on building a successful sales team are still relevant today. He believed a well-trained sales team was the cornerstone of business growth and successfully recruited hundreds of the brightest college graduates with an attractive commission structure and sales culture. Watson Sr.’s recruiting stockpiled a massive sales team for IBM which allowed them to generate more revenue than their competitors. Soon, IBM cornered the marketplace and made thousands of its employees wealthy in the process. As a result, consumers gained a slightly better perception of salespeople.

Dale Carnegie- The World’s First Sales Coach

Dale Carnegie is one of the most influential minds in the history of sales. After graduating college, Carnegie became a door-to-door salesman before trying his hand at acting. Carnegie’s experience communicating with clients from his sales gig, and audiences while acting, cemented a strength in public speaking. After dozens of people requested him to teach public speaking, he began to teach courses at the YMCA. Before long, actors, salesmen, and people with a public-speaking phobia began taking Carnegie’s course. As a result, Dale Carnegie quickly gained popularity as the “go-to guy” for sales training. He was also one of the first businessmen to document the connection between business success and communication skills. He wrote one of the most influential books in the history of sales- How to Win Friends and Influence People. The book remains a best-seller today.

The Value of Developing Sales Skills

Communication is the cornerstone of developing sales skills. In order to motivate prospects to buy, the salesperson must effectively communicate the benefit of the product or service to the buyer. Whether you are selling a product, service, or idea- it’s important the prospect realizes how the purchase will directly change their life.

Effective communicators know when to ask questions to deepen rapport and when to take charge. People typically don’t buy products or services unless they fully understand the benefit that will result from their purchase. Unless the product or service is extremely popular, salespeople will frequently encounter objections during the closing process. Thus, it is important to develop sales skills in order to effectively respond to objections.

Sales Skills Needed to Achieve Success

  • Confidence in Speech
  • Confidence in Body Language
  • Persistence
  • Eye Contact
  • Strong Listening Skills
  • Patience
  • Boldness
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Strong Note-Taking Skills
  • Financial Ambition
  • Strong Belief in the Product, Idea, or Service You’re Selling

The First Step To Sales Success

After reading a little about the history of sales and the importance of sales skills, you should be itching to take action. If you’re tired of work a boring hourly or salary job for little money, just know that you have the ability to change your life. There are thousands of companies looking for hungry, well-trained sales reps. At WealthHunters, we specialize in helping you improve your sales skills and  land an incredible sales job. Don’t wait, jumpstart your sales career today!

Morph Into A Sales Beast!

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