Tiny House Movement Makes Moves

Tiny House Movement Makes Moves

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Rise of Tiny House Movement

What is the Tiny Home Movement and Why is it Significant?

Let’s talk about the tiny house movement. It’s the new real estate phenomenon that’s sweeping the millennial generation. From small homes on wheels to small desert paradises, there’s a 350-foot oasis waiting for someone out there. So why exactly are people obsessed with tiny house designs and the tiny house movement? Aside from living in a posh place like New York, one might find it hard to believe that anyone would choose to live in a small space ––that’s where the tiny house movement comes in.

In more respects than one, choosing to live in a small space isn’t meant to induce claustrophobia, but freedom. The tiny house movement offers potential buyers a way out of the seemingly volatile market. Whether it’s financial, spiritual, or personal; the tiny house trend and tiny house designs promise the new-age American Dream. Let’s dive into the tiny house movement with an open mind.

However, before we begin our trek into the tiny home movement, we need to have a firm understanding of where the phenomenon comes from. What can the tiny house movement offer prospective home buyers that larger designs can’t?

How the Tiny House Trend Started

Various reports from the US Census and the like have all determined that our homes have increased in size since the 70s. If you look at a timeline below, you’ll take notice that the tiny house movement shows up as early as 1854. However, the tiny house trend sparked in the 1980s-1990s.

The Tiny House Movement is a Solution to Debt

There is never a want without there first being a need. The tiny house trend is more of a lifestyle. Minimalists are those who advocate that the real currency in life is time, not money or material items. The tiny house movement can help you buy back your time. With the tiny house movement, you can spend your life living, not working. Time is the only thing that we cannot get back. The tiny house movement could be your first step toward a free life. With shelter being one of the main focuses of our primal needs, it’s inherent that we don’t spend our lives paying for it, don’t you think? With the tiny home movement, more and more people are stepping away from their 9-5’s and are exploring their passions. But how?

Why the Tiny House Movement Is Growing

The tiny house movement requires some math. Let’s make a quick calculation based on Andrew Morrison’s incredible Tiny House TEDx Talk. Take the amount of money you pay for your monthly rent or mortgage, and divide it by your net monthly income (the amount you make after taxes). Then, take the figure and multiply it by 100. Whatever number you get is the percentage of your take-home income spent on housing alone. Morrison notes in his talk that as of now, most of us hover around 27%.

When more than a quarter of your income or more is going just to housing, it causes more than financial stress. You might be working a job you hate. You might have gone to college and racked up thousands of dollars in student debt to get the job to pay for the house. It’s no wonder that many people find themselves unhappy in the typical 9-5 lifestyle. You can spend so much of your time in traffic, in an office, and all to pay for a home you don’t get to spend much time inside. The tiny house movement was born out of the need for freedom, not enclosure. If you’re considering buying a house in 2018, tiny house designs might be worth examining.

Celebrating Tiny House Designs & The Tiny House Movement

Shipping Container Homes

Created by VillageCraft and on Etsy for around $15k

While it’s already considered unconventional to join the tiny house movement, it is possible for it to get even weirder. If you’re already taking the path less traveled when it comes to smaller living, why not choose a shipping container? No, seriously. You can. Many people choose shipping containers like the ones you see above, for their durability and toughness. They are often overlooked, but they can save you tons in building and they are portable! They offer their own unique style, often with a modern blend and they are just as eco-friendly as their tiny wooden brethren.

Tree Houses & The Tiny House Movement

Herrle Custom Carpentry Tiny House
Designed by Herrie Custom Carpentry for around $4k

If you’re looking to live like a lemur, dangling high above the world from a tree, there’s a tiny tree house design that might interest you. The tiny house movement is full of tree houses. Some of these models are made from reclaimed wood, and others offer a more modern approach, like the one created by Mod Frugal.
Her tiny home cost only $!500 to build and offers a contemporary design with its steel panel roof and a deck with quite the view.

Star-Gazing & Desert Living Homes

Tiny House Movement Makes Moves
The Folly 

Having stayed in the Folly in Twentynine Palms myself, I would like to take a moment to appreciate the tiny house movement for its unconventional beauty. The desert oasis sits on 2.5 acres and features an outdoor shower, soaking pool, and two hammocks. On the left side in the photo above, you can climb the ladder and enter the stargazer suite. The suite features a queen size bed with a completely open roof which portrays a blanket of stars in the night and heavenly sunrises in the morning. The second building (on the right) features an open floor plan and loft bedroom. There’s enough room for a high-end kitchen, sectional couch and flatscreen TV, and a luxurious shower with rock walls. The tiny home was designed by architect, Malek Alqadi, and proves that tiny doesn’t mean a shortage of luxury.

Are You The Tiny House Type?

Join the tiny house movement today. If you’re not sure whether or not you’re the right person to embark on the tiny house movement, we have tips. Here are some things to consider before you dive into the tiny home movement. Smaller living comes with quite the commitment. For starters, if you’re sporting a giant closet and lots of knick-knacks, you’ll either need to design your 300 square-foot home to accommodate your tastes or ditch them.

The tiny house trend and the tiny house movement can be just that..a trend. You have to be sure that you’re ready to embrace minimalistic values and downsize your living. The tiny home movement is no joke.

The tiny house movement is for explorers and minimalists. People who already follow the minimalistic design and fashion trends are more likely to thrive in smaller spaces. You’ll also want to set up a clear budget and time. From all of the tiny house designs, DIY reviews, and vlogs I’ve seen, it appears that the time it takes to create these dream homes proves to be most tolling on people with full-time jobs or small bank accounts. Make sure that you’re realistic about the tiny house movement so that you don’t end up selling a punctured shell of a house on Etsy in a year.

All in all, the tiny home movement is an enticing invitation to escape the 9-5 and join the new-rich in early retirement, so long as you do your budgeting, design, and spiritual homework first. Learn more about the tiny house movement by talking to our team.

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