How To Create A Winning Sales Page

How To Create A Winning Sales Page

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One of the top tools digital marketers are using today is sales landing pages, but knowing how to put one together properly can generate far more sales than a stale or outdated page. Whether the customer finds the page through your email, advertisement, or social media post, the sales page is about fulfilling the promise made to them about your product before they even get there.

While you can create a landing page from scratch, there are amazing services such as LeadPages and Unbounce that will help you cut down the time it takes to create a landing page with templates and offer you a wide range of control over design.

Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

Traffic can be driven to your landing page through social media posts, email newsletters, targeted advertisements, or however you communicate with clients. If you have a sophisticated client tracking system, you can divide your existing and potential clients into different groups and direct them to the sales page created for their group. For instance, you may choose to create a landing page directed towards a specific region, creating a special offer that corresponds to holiday sales.

Sophisticated trackers can even find information for individuals who put items into the shopping cart on your website but did not check out. You can follow up with those individuals and sell them on the specific product they considered buying. As the potential customer made it all the way through the process except for clicking a button to submit their order, they simply need a little nudge to reinforce the decision to buy.

Entice the Customer

Pique your potential customer’s interest to click through to the landing page by asking a question or making a declaration that corresponds to your product, such as, “Have you ever wondered how to increase your business by 50%?” or “Find out the secret to increasing your business by 50% using these tried and true methods.” Then, provide a link from whichever platform you put the question on to your landing page. Be sure to have a high-quality picture (no stock photos, as they are not seen as trustworthy) that is associated with the product or your business during this step.

Make a Great First Impression

Once the customer clicks through to the landing page, their first glance should look very similar to the post or resource that brought them there. The color scheme should be the same and the image that was used to initially draw them in should be prominent on the page. The text at the top of the landing page should be a direct response to the question or declaration that made them click the link.

Through consistency in text and color scheme, the customer subconsciously knows you keep your word and are serious about delivering on your promises. Having a sales page that looks or feels differently from where the customer came from allows doubt and mistrust to creep in, so think about how to promote a clear, unwavering message throughout every step of the sale.

Build Authority with Logos

Simply adding your logo to the page can build credibility and position your company as an expert. To further build authority, add the logos of other companies who have used your product or service. Recognizable logos work wonders, such as Google or General Electric, but any professional logo will help. By using another recognizable company’s logo, you have borrowed their overall brand authority to use for your own.

Showcase Testimonials

Let the words of satisfied clients provide the bench strength for the sales page. Include three to five glowing testimonials to showcase how your product works. Ideally, the testimonials should reflect a problem that was solved for the happy customer that the potential customer currently has.

If you have a shortage of testimonials, get creative. A positive comment left on your website or a quick comment written on social media by a follower could be all it takes to create a testimonial. If someone raves about your product at a trade show, kindly ask if you can quote them for your marketing materials. 

Use Video

Interestingly, the impact of video on a landing page is not the customer’s insight to your product, but the existence of the play button itself. According to Brian Massey of Conversion Sciences, only 10% of people watch the video on a sales page, but the existence of a video has a high level of authority when it comes to proving that your product is the solution to your potential customer’s issue. Instead of wasting time creating a lengthy video, create a great short video that will be equally effective.

Include a Countdown Timer

To increase a sense of urgency and encourage the customer to buy, add a countdown timer. The timer should show the amount of time the customer has left before the offer expires or the price goes up.

Broadcast Sales

Studies have shown that even one sale flashing across the screen has a greater effect on potential customers than none at all. It proves that people believe in the product and helps the customer envision themselves purchasing it, propelling them closer to actually buying.

Craft the Offer

The offer to the customer needs to present what you are selling in the best manner possible. Keep in mind that people came to the page for a reason, and that reason needs to be completely fulfilled by the offer. Mention any sales you are running and exactly what the customer will receive if they purchase your product.

Create a Call to Action

Out of everything on your page, the call to action needs to be the most noticeable. Whether it is “Buy now!” or “Purchase,” the verbiage you choose and the button it is on should use a color that sticks out and draw the eye naturally to that place on the page. An easy way to make the button pop is to create it using a different vibrant color in the color palette of the rest of the page. The button can lead to an order form on a new page or automatically scroll the customer to a form down the page. Adding an arrow pointing to the call to action is proven to increase conversion rates.

Provide an Order Form

In the middle of creating a dynamic landing page, do not forget to have a place for the customer to order your product. It should be a simple, straightforward form, without exciting colors to distract the customer. The form simply gathers customer and payment information.

Tailor Landing Pages to Your Customers

The real power behind creating sales pages with companies such as LeadPages is the ability to quickly create multiple landing pages for the same product or service. It is likely that your company has multiple customer archetypes. Whether divided by age groups, use of your product, or how informed the customer is, landing pages can be used to niche your marketing and cater to parts of your audience in very specific and highly effective ways.

A landing page for an uninformed customer may concentrate more on selling a solution they did not know was out there for a problem they have, while selling to an informed customer will include more technical information. Language can range from friendly and almost overly-approachable to an authoritative tone depending on the product, customer, and type of business.

Create as many sales pages as are useful to your business and do not be afraid to test them. Through taking the time to do split testing, you may see a major change in sales depending on the colors and copy used, as well as the design of the page. As you continue to run sales campaigns, you can continue to optimize your page to drive more sales, making it as easy as possible for the customer to say yes to your product.

Have you used any of these techniques for your landing pages? Let us know what worked for you in the comments.

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