Why You Should Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Why You Should Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

By: Krissy Fausnaugh - Posted in:
Woman using video to increase her marketing outreach

With a menu of options to choose from when creating your social media strategy, one content type is clear winner when it comes to conversions: Video. With over 100 million hours of video consumed on Facebook per day, video can no longer be ignored.

Here are our top ten reasons why you should consider using video in your marketing strategy.

1. High Level of Audience Engagement

High Audience Engagement
Speaking engaging an audience at a high level.

Studies prove consumers would rather watch a video instead of reading about a product. With 55% of people consuming online video each day, and a boastful 65% of viewers watching more than 75% of a video, video is a hands-down winner when it comes to capturing attention.

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Millions of people watch instructional “how-to’s” and entertainment videos daily- making your video one search away from reaching a global audience.

2. Availability of Measurable Data

Measurable Data
Team working on the value of their measurable data.

Video provides a set of superior data points to help you adjust content to be more effective in the future. You have the ability to see when engagement is at its highest, when it drops off, and how many people made it all the way through the video. From there, you can isolate and analyze portions of the video to optimize the viewing experience.

Through this process of releasing content, analyzing results, and creating more targeted content, sales will be booming in no time.

3. Prioritization of Video in Search Engines and Platforms

Prioritization of Video in Search Engines and Platforms
Girl searching for video on a search engine.

Because of the engagement video fosters, Google ranks pages with video higher. In fact, businesses are 53% more likely to show up on the front page of Google by using video. Now that Google owns YouTube, it has continued to prioritize video in its search engine results.

It is no secret that platforms like Facebook have shifted towards focusing on video content over the past few years. Uploading directly to Facebook over YouTube will garner even more views as the platform’s algorithm is geared towards promoting content hosted in-house. Always evolving, Facebook has recently started sporting an auto-play feature to video, instantly stealing users’ attention from other posts in its vicinity.

4. Visual Superiority to Text and Photography

Visual Superiority
Girl using superior visual marketing with video.

Video gives an audience a deeper connection to your product than photos and text. Instead of seeing a still frame or written description, video provides buyers with an in-depth look at what is being sold. Through viewing multiple sides of the product, showing someone interacting with it, and including satisfied client testimonials, the audience can think about the benefits of the product and how it can help them more clearly.

5. Budget-friendly Video is Possible

Budget Friendly Video
Girl making budget friendly video content.

Get creative with your video. While you can pay a production crew to create impressively produced content, you can also use high-quality photos with scrolling text to create super sharable content. 86% of video is consumed throughout the day without sound, so if you are looking to find easy, affordable video, this approach may work best for you. Since Facebook registers four seconds as a video, you do not have to create something lengthy to get the post boost that video provides. With the heavy concentration on video moving forward, a major positive is that the cost of high-level production is coming down.

6. Going Live Gets More Views

Going Live Gets More Views
Man streaming live content at an event.

The beauty of choosing live video is the notification that followers receive from your broadcast. YouTube and Facebook sends followers alerts automatically, meaning that one click of the notification brings potential customers directly to your content instead of scrolling past it in their feeds. Because followers are notified, be mindful of the amount of times per week you go live and have a game plan before you do. Have a teammate manage questions in the comments section while streaming to give your broadcast an extra impact.

7. Valuable Facebook Ads are Unparalleled

Man streaming live content at an event.
Man setting up a Facebook video ad..

Facebook advertisements are one of the best values for the money with overall marketing dollars. Not only can targeted ad campaigns use video, but people who show engagement can be retargeted in a second ad. With video showing a 65% increased click through rate, funneling part of your market dollars in this way can yield higher results than other forms of advertising.

8. Video Provides the Ultimate Reusable Content

Video is the ultimate reusable content.
Girl making valuable reusable video content.

Whether webinar or YouTube upload, one video can be divided up into multiple sharable posts. The audio can be repurposed as a podcast. The ideas can translate to a written blog post or an embedded video can take the place of a traditional post. Videos can revamp and refresh your overall marketing strategy or become the center of it.

9. Emotional Connection with Followers

No matter the market, emotional connections and relationships linger in the mind of the buyer. A video is the ultimate way to start a relationship with an audience. Starring in a video about your product or soft-selling at the end of a vlog will build trust and foster a sense of comfort and confidence during the purchasing process.

Emotional connection with followers
Couple having an emotional connection to video content.

10. Video Works with Other Marketing Efforts

Video Works with Other Marketing Efforts
Man marketing business with video content.

Video is the perfect pairing to a blog post, product description, or email newsletter. Use it to draw a customer in anywhere and provide a hyperlink beside or after the clip to a sales page. This type of content will serve to enhance your marketing efforts and make your company appear more authoritative and trustworthy.

While once believed to be the future of marketing, video has staked its claim in the present market and is here to stay. From providing one of the best ROIs for your marketing dollar to giving consumers a front row seat to how your product works, choosing to implement video into your efforts yields serious digital marketing results.

Experiment with your next video across social media, webpages, and email and let us know what resonated with your audience the most.

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