Twitter Ads 101

Twitter Ads 101

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Leveraging Twitter for Business

Twitter isn’t just a fun, social media platform — it’s a valuable platform on which to advertise. Twitter advertising can help  build your brand, expand your following and increase your tweets’ visibility. Leveraging Twitter for business is a savvy move that will connect you to the conversations and audiences best suited for your company. Twitter creates unique digital marketing opportunities. Twitter advertising for business makes it possible for you to target the audience for your products or services a number of ways: by the accounts they follow, their general interests or their geographic regions. Learning how Twitter ads work is a snap and the Twitter ads cost if totally doable.

Twitter advertising provides solutions big and small — if you’re a big-budget agency managing multiple campaigns or a business owner trying to build your brand, there’s one for you. When you use Twitter for business, you can launch a campaign and customize your ads based on your individual business goals. Twitter followers are always looking for something new, and using Twitter for business is a great way to get them to learn about you and your company. Keep reading to discover how Twitter ads work and how much Twitter ads cost.

How Twitter Ads Work

Social media marketing doesn’t operate the same on Twitter as it does on other social platforms. If you don’t have a clue how Twitter ads work, don’t worry — it’s not a difficult process. The platform makes it easy to get started. Here’s the basics of how Twitter ads work:

  • Create a solution-focused campaign.
  • Target your audience.
  • Set up a Promote Mode subscription to automatically promote your account.
  • Connect with experts who provide agency-level solutions.
  • Use the @TwitterAdsHelp team to help you achieve your goals.

One you set your object for your campaign — whether you want to attract new followers, raise awareness of one of your tweets, increase engagement or drive traffic to your website, you can target your audience. Next you bid on an ad, set your budget and choose the tweets you want to focus for your campaign.

It’s a good idea to choose four or five to tweets to concentrate on at first, and you should include call-to-actions, such as “Sign up today” or “Start now.” Choosing four to five to focus on is a good start. Don’t use #hashtags or @mentions in your copy because if you do your audience will click away from your ad.

How Much Do Twitter Ads Cost?

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Of course you want to know how much Twitter ads cost. Like many social media ad platforms, Twitter ads are sold by auction. First, you determine how much you want to pay for each interaction. For example, you’ll pay for each new person who follow you or each time someone clicks to your website. You can also set your Twitter ads cost by using the site’s automatic bidding feature, which determines the best bid cost for you based on your goals — and your budget.

Another way to maximize your Twitter ad costs is to use the Twitter Promote Mode. If you don’t have time to manage your ads, this $99-per-month subscription will do it for you — it automatically, consistently promotes your account and your tweets. For more information on that, visit the website.

Twitter ads cost very little when you think about it — there is no minimum amount of money you must spend on your ads, and you can build your business exponentially with a great campaign. You can choose a daily budget for your campaign, and the platform suggests beginning with at least $30 per day, which will enable you to reach your targeted audience throughout the day. Keep in mind that your Twitter ad costs will benefit you in the following ways, according to the platform:

  • You can promote your tweets and maximize your audience reach.
  • You can attract new followers and increase your current number of followers on the platform.
  • When you promote your tweets you’ll likely get more retweets, likes and replies.
  • You can promote your website to increase traffic.
  • You can promote your mobile app to get more people to download it.

Measure Your Progress

What good is it to advertise on Twitter if you don’t know how your ad is performing? Not much.

On your campaign dashboard you can track your results, impressions and cost-per result across your objectives. You can also set up conversion tracking to fine-tune your understanding of how to reach potential customers. In addition, you can use Twitter’s free tool to analyze your tweets and get individualized tips about how to maximize them. If you think that advertising on Twitter can boost your business, get started — visit the website and start getting your company in front of the right audience today.

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