Pinterest Advertising in 2018

Pinterest Advertising in 2018

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If you’re a small business owner looking to drive results, increase traffic, engage your audience, boost sales and promote awareness for your business, Pinterest advertising can create fantastic marketing opportunities. Advertising on Pinterest can help you reach potential customers while they’re deciding what to do or buy next. In other words, your Pinterest for business ads can help improve your bottom line. Keep reading to learn how to advertise on Pinterest and make the most of your Pinterest ads.

How Pinterest Ads Work

Pinterest advertising work like this: Your ads look just like normal Pins, but you pay to have more people view them. Pinterest has a number of marketing solutions to sync with your business goals. Here are some of the things you can do when you advertise on Pinterest, according to the website:

  • Use Pinterest Ads Manager to create, edit and manage Promoted Pins.
  • Create campaigns designed to reach the millions of people who visit Pinterest every day to find products and services like the ones you offer.
  • Reach Pinners looking to find useful, everyday ideas.
  • Utilize tools to help you measure how Promoted Pins grow your business.
  • Access guides to help you learn how to best use Pinterest.

There are also special ways to access Pinterest advertising. Promoted Video Pins contain videos that show up in users’ news feeds, search results and “More like this” sections. They are set to play automatically to your targeted audience. And One-tap Pins enable users to go directly to your website, where they can either make a purchase or learn more about your brand.

If you choose to advertise via Promoted App Pins, there will be an app icon and an install button right in the ad, so users don’t even have to leave the sight to download your app. Cinematic Pins move only when the user scroll on the page — and they stop moving when he or she does.

How to Advertise on Pinterest

Now that you have an idea of how Pinterest ads can help you promote your business, it’s time to get started. Follow these 16 steps to advertise on Pinterest:

  1. Get a business account.
  2. Choose your campaign goal: increased traffic, brand awareness, better engagement, app installation or video awareness.
  3. Choose your budget and ad placements.
  4. Create an ad group and choose your target audience.
  5. Set your bid.
  6. Choose your Promoted Pin.
  7. Determine where to link your Pin.
  8. Track your ad campaign.
  9. Here are some ways to maximize your Pinterest campaign:
  10. Be authentic — make sure your ads reflect your brand’s promise.
  11. Use simple text overlays.
  12. Optimize your description.
  13. Use vertical photos and try using multiple images.
  14. Include your brand.
  15. Target your brand effectively.
  16. Constantly analyze your ads to see how they are performing.

Leveraging Demographics to Advertise on Pinterest

According to Pinterest, 200 million people visit the site each month, and 50% of new people who sign up are men. In addition, 60% of users report they’ve discovered new products or companies via Promoted Pins. Once you reach the right audience, the possibilities are endless. And when you advertise on Pinterest, you can target that audience by using either Pinterest or advertiser data.

To reach people based on their interests, you have 400 segments from which to choose. For example, if you were promoting home equity loans, you would target people searching for home renovation ideas. To reach people based on advertising data, you simply bring your first-party information to Pinterest to reach or exclude existing customers in your campaigns. You can also reactivate churned customers, focus on acquiring new customers and target high-value customers.

How to Use Pinterest for Business Marketing

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Because the Pinterest for business platform says that Promoted Pins don’t interrupt or distract Pinners — but actually make the site better because they help people find new things — it’s a great place to spend your digital marketing dollars. You can sign up for a Pinterest for business account in 15 seconds— for free — and promote Pins directly from your business profile in fewer than 10 seconds.

According to the website, 73% of users say that content from brands makes Pinterest more useful — and 61% say that they’ve purchase something as a result of seeing business content on the platform. And the best news? Forty percent of users have household incomes in excess of $100,000 per year. Currently, you can advertise on Pinterest only in the United States, Canada, Australia, the U.K., Ireland and New Zealand, but the site says that it will be up and running in more markets soon.

In fact, users find Pinterest advertising so useful that they save them to boards to look at again. And when someone saves your Promoted Pin, their followers see your ad in their feeds. Pinterest for business ads can boost your business, but only if you sign up, so create your account today.

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