LinkedIn Ads 101

LinkedIn Ads 101

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Advertising on LinkedIn is a fantastic way for social marketers to reach professionals. If you want to tap into advertising opportunities with the 560 million professionals — who have twice the buying power of average web audiences — who use LinkedIn, you’re making a savvy decision. According to LinkedIn, four out of five of its members drive business decisions. Also, marketers rated it the No. 1 platform for B2B lead generation. Make sure when you launch your LinkedIn advertising campaign, you do it like a pro by getting the most out of your LinkedIn ad costs.

Advertising on LinkedIn isn’t difficult. In fact, LinkedIn offers unique, platform-specific, social media marketing opportunities. In fact, you can create LinkedIn ads in just minutes — and start generating leads. If you want to learn how to optimize your LinkedIn advertising, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for tips  that will help you optimize your advertising on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Advertising Best Practices

LinkedIn Advertising is one of the best digital marketing strategies to reach young professionals. To ensure your LinkedIn ads perform well and engage your target audience, there are certain LinkedIn advertising best practices you must keep in mind. These are the most important aspects of crafting successful LinkedIn ads — using LinkedIn advertising best practices:

  • Create compelling content
  • Test your ad variations.
  • Target the right audience.
  • Set a competitive bid.

It’s easy to get started using LinkedIn advertising. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Choose self-service or managed campaigns.
  2. Get started with campaign manager, which  provides you with detailed results regarding your ads’ performance.
  3. Choose your ad format — sponsored content, text ads, or both.
  4. Create your ads.
  5. Target your ads using Campaign Manager
  6. Set your budget.
  7. Measure your success and optimize your ads.

LinkedIn Ad Costs

You’re likely wondering about LinkedIn ad costs. LinkedIn ad costs vary — whether your budget is big or small, you can create ads that will help you accomplish your marketing goals. Obviously, you pay what you want to advertise on LinkedIn. The company sells ads through auction. Essentially, you bid against other marketers trying to reach the same audience. To bid on LinkedIn advertising, you:

  • Set the maximum amount of LinkedIn ad costs you’re willing to pay for a click, impression or delivered InMail.
  • If you win the auction, you pay only one cent more than the next highest bid.

Budgeting is key as a small business owner. The good news- you can start advertising on LinkedIn with any budget and cancel your ads at any time. According to the company website, “Your ads receive relevance scores based on factors like click-through rate, comments, likes, and shares. The more relevant your ad, the lower the price you pay.”

Strategies for Advertising on LinkedIn

Because advertising on LinkedIn can really boost your bottom line, it’s important that you devise a strategy. This will also help you get the best value for your LinkedIn ad costs. Follow these steps to ensure your LinkedIn advertising is the best it can be:

  1. Craft strong, compelling copy, according to LinkedIn advertising best practices. Provide the reader with good insights, but keep the copy simple and understandable.
  2. Post clear, relevant images when you’re advertising on LinkedIn. Make sure you add eye-catching photos that stand out.
  3. Target the right groups to reach the right audience. LinkedIn enables you to search for and create audiences. You can search by job title and function, industry and company size and senior influencers.
  4. Test your different advertising campaigns to see which works best. LinkedIn’s text ad option allows you to create up to 15 variations of one ad. You can also change your image, headline, text and destination to see who responds — and when.
  5. Bid and budget your LinkedIn ad costs carefully. Luckily, you can set your LinkedIn bid and campaign budget by cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM). The CPC program enables you to set the maximum amount you want to pay for each click. The CPM program enables you to pay up to your maximum bid each time your ad appears 1,000 times on the site, no matter how many clicks you receive.
  6. Improve your ROI. Maximize your social media ROI by measuring your LinkedIn advertising performance. Track your ads’ performance with the LinkedIn ads Campaign Manager by monitoring impressions, clicks, costs and other metrics. You’ll see what is working — and what isn’t — for each new campaign. Because LinkedIn ads cost a bit more than other social media platforms, it’s important you pay close attention to your analytics.

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