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Cryptocurrency has already produced millionaires. Although there is much push-back from traditional financiers, there is little doubt decentralized, digital currency is the wave of the future. To develop an understanding of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, start by understanding all of its core components. Learn the history of Bitcoin- the world’s first cryptocurrency. Explore the basics of Blockchain technology and identify the industries it’s disrupting on a daily basis.

Begin to zero in a few of the most interesting companies that produce cryptocurrency. Always ask yourself- “Does this company’s ideas have the power to change the world?” If the answer is yes, then go deeper. Invest in the right technology before its adopted by the masses and become wealthy. This is the oldest secret in investing and thousands of people have made this a reality in the short lifetime of cryptocurrency.

Think BIG and long-term. By beginning to develop your expertise now, you can be miles ahead of the masses a few years down the line and be the expert everyone turns to for advice. Connect with cryptocurrency experts and stay tuned into emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain news. We would love to work with you. Who knows, maybe you are the next big crypto-entrepreneur!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology, are the most disruptive financial inventions of the past ten years! Digital currencies have the potential and popularity to disrupt the entire monetary system. As WealthHunters, we capitalize on financial trends by understanding the technologies and concepts involved. So what is Cryptocurrency?

WealthHunters’ Cryptocurrency Definition

A digital currency that operates independently from a central bank, uses encryption techniques to track how many coins are created and verifies their transfer from one party to another

How Cryptocurrency Works

Cryptocurrency became extremely popular since its invention in 2008 by an unknown individual using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Nakamoto created the most popular digital currency to date- Bitcoin. Bitcoin was the first virtual currency to utilize Blockchain technology, which serves as the foundation for a peer-to-peer decentralized monetary system. The idea of a decentralized currency that reduces financial fraud and provides opportunities for financial gain created “crypto mania”. The price of Bitcoin skyrocketed to $19,650.01 in December of 2017 as its popularity soared. However, the price of Bitcoin recently dropped to $7,000 as of August 4th, 2018.

Since Nakamoto created Bitcoin as an open source software, many other Cryptominers began using the technology to create their own digital currency. While none are as valuable or popular as Bitcoin, several other cryptocurrencies remain extremely relevant: Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin to name a few. There are thousands of other alternative coins, also known as “alt coins”. However, the vast majority of alt coins are considered irrelevant in their ability to surpass Bitcoin, and the other popular coins.

While digital currencies are becoming extremely popular with millennials and younger generations, wealthy individuals, banks, and financial institutions have a vested interest in preventing it from dethroning traditional currencies. There will be a regulatory battle that takes place for the foreseeable future. The result of the legal battles that take place will play a tremendous role in determining how much of an impact digital currencies have in our financial system.

Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners

WealthHunters explore digital currencies with the intention of profiting from its popularity and evolution. Trading digital currency is still in its infancy stage. However, hundreds of people have made millions of dollars investing in Cryptocurrencies. Before investing in any of your hard-earned money, read our FREE Introduction To Cryptocurrency PDF! It’s never wise to invest in anything without doing proper due diligence. To sign up for free updates, news, and professional tips on all things crypto- fill out the form below!


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