How to Write Down Your Goals to Generate Wealth!

How to Write Down Your Goals to Generate Wealth!

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Writer penning their own goals for wealth growth

So, you want to generate wealth by writing goals down consciously. We’ve all read about the power of the conscious mind, and we’ve all heard of writing goals down. How do the two come together? For starters, writing down your goals can narrow your focus. Learn how to write down your goals and see if you can consciously generate wealth with your mind. Is it as easy as everyone says it is? Writing down one’s goals can help you hone in on what’s important about what you want. You’ll easily be able to prioritize your needs and focus on the target once you understand how to write out your goals. Writing down goals also ensures that you stay away from ambiguity, which can be a dream killer.

If you’re trying to call on a goal consciously, you need to be very clear about what it is you want and how you’re going to get it. Also, when you write down your goals, you’ll find that you have reduced stress. Sometimes people fail to start on their endeavors because they get overwhelmed. Breaking down your goals into parts helps you look at the big picture without getting overwhelmed. We’ll even cover the statistics on writing goals down in this segment.

How to Write Down Your Goals

Write Down Your Goals

I like writing goals down in a number sequence, by listing things in order of difficulty. I also believe that writing goals down with daily sub-goals can assist me with the large ones. Try to do at least one thing a day that gets you closer to the things you want. Otherwise, writing goals down is fruitless. If you say you’re going to save X amount of dollars in three months by budgeting, then you have to set up a daily budget for things like lunch, coffee, or gas. You’ll be surprised how quickly all of the little things contribute to the big stuff. Also, when you’re completing smaller sub-goals on a daily, it keeps you motivated. Before you know it, it’s been X amount of months, and you’ve reached your goal! Learn how to write down your goals & generate wealth through consciousness with these steps:

  1. Set a reasonable amount of goals, try to stay under five if you’re just starting out. Start with 1-3 or 1-5.
  2. Give yourself a reasonable deadline for each one.
  3. Keep all goals within your vision.
  4. Write them down when you’re in a good mood, to keep the positive energy flowing with high vibrational frequency.
  5. Keep your goals somewhere you can see them, whether it’s in your pocket, vision board, phone notes, or car.


I will _____ (task, achievement, milestone) by ________(exactly how you will do it). I will accomplish this by _______ and my success will be measured by ____.

The Conscious Power of Writing Goals Down

Writing down goals not only provides clarity but also manifests it in the universe by converting a thought or idea into something tangible- thus solidifying its presence already in the physical world. Thoughts are compelling tools, as are words. Writing goals down works well with what is called the Law of Attraction. Many people get confused by this and dismiss it as a mythical thought-process that doesn’t generate any real-life results.

However, writing goals down isn’t enough. You can’t think about a donut all day and expect a donut to show up on your doorstep, because life doesn’t work like that. If you think about a donut all day and then see an opportunity to get a donut, some would say that the opportunity came to you through the law of attraction. Your ability to access the donut is your decision. Figuring out how to write out your goals is step one of this transformative process.

Statistics on Writing Down Your Goals

What are the statistics on writing down your goals? If you’re like most of us, you might need cold hard facts to get you going––don’t worry, we have some. A study by Mark Murphy of Forbes, The Gender Gap, and Goal-Setting, suggests that fewer than 20% of people said that their goals were always written down vividly, thus thwarting their efforts in the long run. According to Murphy, people who are actively writing goals down are 1.2-1.4 times more likely to accomplish them. Why is this? When you know how to write out your goals, your brain learns things. Writing goals down can help with memory, job performance, and even finances.

Why Science Says You Should Be Writing Goals Down

If you look at your brain like it’s a computer, you’ll notice that it works through external storage and encoding. Remember when I said you should have your goals somewhere you can access? That’s external storage. When you’re looking at this reminder often, your brain is encoding the information. Writing goals down is our mind’s way of encoding. Encoding is a biological process that allows our hippocampus to analyze the things we’re thinking. If your brain was a computer, writing goals down would be like writing code.

Our minds keep what we feel is useful and then dump the rest. When we write down our goals, we’re enhancing this process. Anything you write down, you’ll likely remember. Neuropsychologists call the process of writing goals down the generation effect, which is why we were all forced to take notes in class during high school. All in all, if you write down your goals, your brain is more likely to remember it because you generated the idea. What can I say, we’re a narcissistic species, so why not benefit off of it?

Think Big, Start Small

Writing goals down isn’t hard, it’s just time-consuming at first. When you’re learning about writing goals down, the important thing is not to overwhelm yourself. I have three separate lists in my iPhone notes at the moment. I have a list of my weekday goals, weekend goals, yearly goals, and even a daily agenda for my work goals. The idea of having several lists only sounds overwhelming. However, when you’re writing goals down, it’s necessary. Honestly, whenever I look at all of them, they not only keep me calm but help me strategize. I have a massive problem with over-doing it, as most people do. It’s essential that when you start these goals, you don’t overwhelm yourself. What I used to do was give myself ten things to do in a day, look at the list, freak out, and then proceed not to do any of them. Writing goals down helps, but writing goals down in an easy-to-understand way is even better. I can’t accomplish more than five things in a day. It sounds lazy, but it’s true. And on the weekends? Five things in two days. So when I’m writing goals down, I account for this.

The Process of Writing Goals Down Can Be Tricky

So then I started my lists with a small, stupid task like brushing my teeth. Writing goals down doesn’t have to be an exciting task. You can count them miniscule stuff. After I marked it off, I felt silly but better about accomplishing something on the list. Then I was able to do the next thing. I paid attention to the fact that I had listed ten items for the weekend, but only really got four done. Instead of throwing a fit about not accomplishing ten, I decided to be reasonable with myself. Writing goals down is about working smarter, not harder. Writing goals down is not an extra task; it’s the task. If you can get four essential things done today, then get them done. Three? Fine, do three. The point is, you have to do something. Everyone starts somewhere, so begin and see where it takes you! Writing goals down is the way, you’ll see.

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