An Exploration of Wealth Consciousness in 2018

An Exploration of Wealth Consciousness in 2018

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How Does Wealth Consciousness in 2018 Work?

The idea of wealth consciousness is a touchy subject for many, especially in our American culture. We live to work; we don’t work to live––hence the 40-hour workweek. When people think about wealth, they often imagine a rich white person on a yacht with lots of things. When we think about consciousness, we imagine either of getting knocked out cold or a term lost in our most recent Psych class. With these distinctions, it’s easy to see how money consciousness gets lost in translation.

What Does it Mean to be Wealthy?

Wealth is often confused with materialism, instead of freedom. When you sit down and think about it, people aren’t all chasing diamonds and riches. Some of the wealthiest people in the world aren’t materialistic in the slightest; have you ever wondered why? As working class people, we’re conditioned to desire things, so we can keep working and remain in debt to those who don’t have to. It’s a strange cycle, and it’s hard to be aware of it.

However, if you examine American work culture, it’s not that surprising. We get caught in cycles. Why is it that food and entertainment are so prevalent in our culture? Are we really that fun, or do we need a distraction from our mind-numbing workweeks?

What Do We Want?

We aren’t chasing material items, I mean we are, but we subconsciously know that they won’t fulfill us. We’re pursuing the experiences we see in the moviespeople enjoying time with loved ones and doing exciting things with exciting people. We are chasing pure passion and fulfillment. We are each after a purpose. All of these things come with a price that most people don’t feel like that they can afford: time. A lot of us work the 40-hour work week to pay off school loans and bills. Many Americans don’t have more than two days to live their own lives.

The lower and middle class are conditioned to sell their time in hopes of getting their freedom in retirement, whereas the upper class buys their time so they can enjoy their freedom now. If you have a boss, they’re selling their time to you so they can do other things. You do the things they don’t want to do, and in exchange, you get money. As Tim Ferris has pointed out in his podcasts and books, the wealthy man isn’t the one with hundreds of thousands of dollars; the wealthy man is the one with time.

What is Wealth Consciousness?

Money Conscious Brain

Buying meaningless things and doing trivial things will be a thing of the past when you’re hyper-aware of the energy you spent working. Need an example? Jenna Marbles, a YouTube personality with a net worth of around $4 million (April 2016) has a hilarious, yet money conscious explanation. She once ranted about a job she used to have, where she had to sweep toenails off of a salon floor.

So what exactly does it mean to be wealth conscious? Wealth consciousness is merely being aware of the time spent to earn your money, and being aware when you trade that time. When you’re money conscious, you’re able to make wiser decisions not only for your bank account but your life. Someone who has strong money consciousness may not accept a job that doesn’t align with their values, because they understand their energy will eventually deplete and they’ll probably end up quitting. Someone who is money consciousness finds meaning in how they spend their time and thus, how they spend their money.

Heed the Advice of Successful People

Buying meaningless things and doing trivial things will be a thing of the past when you’re hyper-aware of the energy you spent working. Jenna Marbles, a YouTube personality with a net worth of around $4 million (April 2016), once gave a hilarious, yet money conscious explanation rant in one of her videos. She once ranted about a job she used to have, where she had to sweep toenails off of a salon floor.

She explained how much it sucked and how she cherished the money she earned from that because the work itself was so unpleasant. When she went to spend money, she was hyper-aware of the fact that she had to sweep nails to get it; so she spent it differently.

If you’re aware of the energy you spent getting your money, you won’t be so quick to put it in the hands of a greedy corporation with weak values.

Benefits of Money Consciousness

Wealth consciousness is merely the idea of using money as a tool, rather than as a means. The money will never get you what you want; it will just point you in the right direction. You have to know your values and decide what you want first, and then breathe your ideal income into existence with specific ideas and debt crushing tactics.

When one thinks of the benefits of money consciousness, they are obvious—financial freedom, time, and honestly, sheer bliss. If you’re conscious of your money, you’ll stop worrying so much about it. I know that sounds insane, especially since money is essentially what the world revolves around, but it’s true.

How to Become Money Conscious

Like anything else, being money conscious is more than budgeting and even more than consolidating your debt (though those are both healthy practices.) Being money conscious means that you’re aware of the energy you exchange when you give and receive money. If you understand that money is nothing more than a representation of your time, then you’ll look at it differently. Once you’re aware of the energy you exchanged for the money you have, you will certainly spend it differently. Here are a few things you can do to become money conscious today:

  1. Know your values.
  2. Assess how you spend your time and make sure that it lines up with your values.
  3. Compile a list of the things you want.
  4. Make another list, explaining how you plan to get each thing.
  5. Do at least one thing a day that will get you closer to the things you want.
  6. Imagine yourself with what you want while actively doing the things above.

Fighting the Barriers of Wealth Consciousness

We live in a society where we are trained to love wealth, not accumulate it. We are like hamsters on a wheel chasing cheese, unless we choose to be aware of ourselves. One of my favorite moments in college was in Sociology class. My professor said this:

“I hope you know that if you’re sitting in this room, you’re here to learn how to work for someone else. There is no class here that will teach you how to be your someone’s boss—even I have a boss. If you’re not interested in making someone else money, you probably shouldn’t be here.”

I carry these words with me because they are honest. From the moment we enter our society, we are conditioned to believe certain things. I invite you to research breaching experiments. You’ll quickly find various scenarios that challenge what subconsciously you believe to be true. After you do this, you might also wonder if more than our perceptions of money are flawed.

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