Benefits of Meditation for Business Success

Benefits of Meditation for Business Success

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Using Meditation to Focus on The Present

I was rarely conscious until I began practicing meditation. When I say conscious, I am describing any time my mind is focused on the present moment instead of the past or future. By using meditation to focus on the present moment, I overcame occasional anxiety and depression quickly.

I’d heard about the benefits of meditation for business success, but I immediately rejected the idea of practicing meditation because it was so culturally distant from the hip-hop culture that defined my perspective from age 10-27. After hitting rock bottom, I was forced to shed much of my false ego in search of my true self.

When I began practicing Kundalini Yoga, it opened me up to a new world mentally and spiritually. I began to use meditation to focus on the present. After increasing my ability to keep my mind fixed on the present, I became more confident and productive. By leveraging meditation to focus on self-progress, I have been able to remain consistently focused on accomplishing my goals.

The ability to focus is closely connected to one’s success in business. Personally, I always believed that I focused pretty well on things that I enjoyed. After taking a few meditation classes, my focus dramatically improved. Tasks that I once rarely enjoyed, like reading, became fun and exciting.

When I first began meditating, I was pursuing a music career. I took immense pride in writing lyrics for hours. After meditating, my lyrics, delivery, and the speed at which I created new songs increased tremendously. I was fixed on the present moment and it made a significant difference. Undoubtedly, the benefits of meditation helped me express my true self more effectively. However, I was completely unaware that I would soon use meditation for business success in a completely different field.

Leveraging Meditation to Focus on Business Goals

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After practicing meditation, my mind began to expand to new opportunities. I started to discover other interests and talents. I felt my presence increase in every social setting and my ability to focus longer than my peers become apparent to me. Soon, I began to realize that I needed money to independently pursue my music career. Thus, I landed my first sales job.

I have always aspired to change the world financially and influentially. It’s my belief that capitalism is a wonderful thing in the hands of the right people. I was completely unaware that meditation could have any connection to capitalism. After trying Kundalini Yoga, it was not long before I began practicing meditation for business success.

After beginning my sales career, I began to notice that I was a natural salesman. Meditation provided a clear, targeted motivation to work for longer hours and improve my sales skills. I came into the office at 4am and often slept there. At certain periods, I stayed there for multiple days and rested for 3-5 hours each night. I began to understand the power of using meditation to focus on my life goals.

Kundalini Yoga’s focus on breathing is one of the key applications of meditation in business. During stressful tasks, it is important to remember to breathe. Breathing allows you to relax and provides mental clarity and patience. I’ve also noticed that executing business tasks while focusing on breathing increases efficiency while reducing stress. Entrepreneurs that use meditation for business success often emphasize the importance of breathing over many other components of meditation because of its power and simplicity.

Benefits of Meditation for Business Success

Increased Attention Span

Entrepreneurs often have active minds. One of the benefits of meditation is an increased ability to focus for a long period of time. With varying degrees of productivity, many entrepreneurs practice meditation to focus for longer periods of time. Undoubtedly, meditation greatly improves consciousness and reduces anxiety.

 Increased Ability to Visualize Then Execute Clearly

In order to leverage meditation for business success, you must have a vision. After taking time to write out your plan, you will naturally begin to visualize your plan in execution. Meditation enhances your ability to visualize your plan in enough, then execute. With a sharper mind, completely clear as to its goals and ambitions, your ability to manifest any goal can become shockingly powerful.

Reduces Stress

Balancing stress from work and not letting it impact personal relationships makes meditation for business professionals extremely necessary.

Benefits of Meditation in Business Settings

Time is one of the most difficult assets to manage for the aspiring entrepreneur. Like many other ambitious millennials, I spend 90% of my day on tasks directly related to increasing my income. Some days I am more efficient and focused than others. I formally practice meditation every weekend and do short meditation practices in the morning before heading to the office. However, the small meditative exercises I do throughout day fuel my focus and help me execute my daily tasks.

It’s easy to subtly practice meditation in business settings. Using mental mantras while focusing on your breath to relax, recharge, and refocus. When you feel your mind begin to drift, focus on breathing in and out of your nose to bring you back into the moment.

Every day I wake up at 4:30 AM to do a brief 3-minute meditation. Other than that, most of my daily meditation is informal. I treat each business task as an opportunity to further discipline my mind and enhance my focus. When I feel my mind starting to wonder, I find a quiet, private place and powerfully inhale and exhale through my nose. I breathe in and out through my nose as quickly and powerfully as possible. This exercise, called the “Breath of Fire”, forces a ton of oxygen into the brain and clears the mind. After finishing this exercise, I feel more alert and recharged. 

How to Begin Meditation for Business Success

If you are interested in beginning meditation for business success, I would love to help you out. I firmly believed that meditation changed my life. When I was an Inside Sales Representative, my sales skyrocketed when I began practicing meditation.

Plus, it feels great not having to rely on medication to discipline the mind. I used meditation to mentally discipline myself naturally and believe that many people can do the same. Please fill out the form below and I will contact you with information and suggestions on how to get started using meditation for business success!

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