How to Raise Vibration Levels and Become a Money Magnet!

How to Raise Vibration Levels and Become a Money Magnet!

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If you’re looking to learn how to raise vibration levels to generate wealth, you’re in the right place. People use a high vibrational frequency to magnate wealth through The Law of Attraction. In this article, you will learn why high vibrational frequency baits wealth. If you’re trying to raise your energy and your vibration, you will have to move to a higher frequency. You’ll be aware of your heart energy and will be closer to fulfilling your wishes. If you’re able to do this quickly, you’re likely to see results just as fast. You would be surprised at all of the ways you can raise your frequencies, without much effort. However, before we begin with these tips, you need to understand how to change your vibration and how high vibrational frequency magnates wealth. You might be asking yourself, “What is vibrational frequency?” We have an answer for that too.

What is Vibrational Frequency?

We all know that the universe is made up of energy. Everything that exists vibrates at a particular frequency. When you ask yourself, “What is vibrational frequency?” The answer is simple: Everything is vibrating. When you’re looking at a world that doesn’t rest, you’ll be self-aware that you also have a vibration that is separate from plants, animals, and other people.

What You Think, Is What Will Be

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If you can control your energy by becoming conscious of your thoughts, you can do incredible things. This idea operates with the premise of what you think, is what you will be. Sophia Amoruso, a Forbes-listed entrepreneur, easily explained this process in her best-selling book, GirlBoss. She explained in detail how she had been bringing up her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and was always thinking about her. Low and behold, one day the two went to a party and can you guess who was standing there? In Amoruso’s words, “I conjured that —-.” All in all, if you’re trying to raise your vibrations, you’ll have to take the “think happy thoughts” mantra to heart. Otherwise, you may end up in a situation that you invited, but did not want.

How to Change Your Vibration & Achieve a High Vibrational Frequency

If you’re looking to change or raise your vibration, you’ll be happy to know that there are a few simple things you can do right now to make that happen:

  1. Be grateful: You cannot expect to learn how to raise vibration levels when you’re not appreciative. You have to be thankful for the things the universe has already granted you, otherwise, you’ll stay where you are. People who express gratitude on a daily basis have a high vibrational frequency compared to those who do not.
  2. Inspire yourself: While we need to avoid digital distractions operate on a high vibrational frequency, inspiration is essential. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, make a dream board. Something palpable in your home or office can have many positive impacts. Grab a cork board, printed photos, and newspaper clippings to begin now.
  3. Meditate: Get in contact with your higher self and access a high vibrational frequency. When we meditate on things, we are centering ourselves. There is no better way to attract a high vibrational frequency than to consult with one’s authentic self.
  4. Spend time outside: Another way to raise a high vibrational frequency is to get outside. Many studies have shown that spending time outside can help with all sorts of ailments, from anxiety to depression. Spending time in nature can help us realign ourselves with what’s natural to us, and thus, raise our spirits to a high vibrational frequency. So get outside now!
  5. Use essential oils: Essential oils are very helpful, from keeping bugs away to raising our vibrational frequency. Different oils are said to have mood elevating benefits, which can help you achieve a high vibrational frequency.
  6. Help other people: When you do something good for someone else, you’re able to operate at a high vibrational frequency. This will bring happiness and gratitude in your life.

How a High Vibrational Frequency Magnates Wealth

Verbally expressing gratitude is one of the best ways to not only feel happier but to raise your vibrations. When you raise your vibrations, you’ll immediately feel happier. However, I’m sure you’re wondering how a high vibrational frequency magnates wealth? If you’re practicing all of these positive beliefs, attitudes, exercises, then you’re eventually going to be a consciously positive individual. Your high vibrational frequency will cause you to believe certain things about yourself, and thus, things you want will seem to come to you.

You Can’t Hate Wealth, Yet Expect It

If you haven’t read Jen Sincero’s book, You’re a Badass at Making Money, you should. No, this isn’t a gimmick, and I’m not being paid to tell you this—that book sincerely changed my life. Since reading it, I was able to operate on a high vibrational frequency. I am now plowing through my massive pile of student loans. I’m on a plan to pay off $23,000 in around 14 months. I’m halfway there, and to date, I’ve paid off $8,042.00.

But how? Lot’s of budgeting, consolidating, and lots of moments of feeling like I’m going to rip my hair out. Jen Sincero talks a lot about the high vibrational frequency in her book, and that’s what changed things for me. I’ve always been good at saving money, but she made me realize that I had some poor perceptions about money. When you operate on a high vibrational frequency, you become more self-aware and thus change the way you think.

Drop the Negative Attitude & Reach a High Vibrational Frequency

For instance, how is it that we expect to get rich, yet we kind of hate rich people? Rich people have a negative connotation hanging over their backs in the same way that famous people do: they’re not allowed to be upset about anything because they have money. When we ditch the negative attitudes toward people with money, we’re using a high vibrational frequency. I can’t tell you how many times I would almost get hit by someone driving in Beverly Hills and would think, “Stupid rich person.” This is what high vibrational frequency is about: When I stopped thinking like that and started focusing more on getting the things I wanted. No magic fairy dust will generate the wealth out of thin air for you. You do the mental work, you notice opportunities because you’re doing the work, and then you have the confidence to conquer them.

Achieve High Vibrational Frequency By Questioning Yourself

When you initially learn how to raise vibration levels in your mind and life, you will be asking yourself some tough questions. Getting to a high vibrational frequency requires a level of honesty that is hard to grasp at times. Not judging yourself is a part of raising your consciousness. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re assessing your perceptions about money and people who have it:

  • Does money make me feel guilty?
  • Am I sell out if I get rich?
  • What worries me about having lots of money?
  • What are my automatic thoughts of people with money?

Once you are honest with yourself about what type of high vibrational frequency you’re putting out, everything will be easy. You’ll understand how to raise vibration levels by avoiding phrases that stunt growth. Honestly, how can you become a rich person if you hate them? You have to change your thinking in order to grow. However, it is hard when we have many poor opinions of the 1%, which is fair but is it helpful? Raise yourself to a high vibrational frequency and find out. When you are operating on a high vibrational frequency, ideas that were once foggy will seem blatantly clear.

When in doubt, throw burn some essential oils and be grateful for the things you do have. If that doesn’t at least raise your vibration levels a bit, you’re doing something wrong. 

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