How to Stay Focused in The Age of Digital Distractions

How to Stay Focused in The Age of Digital Distractions

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What are Digital Distractions?

Digital distractions are more significant than memes and push notifications, they impede us from getting what we want out of life. By the end of this, you’ll discover how to shed distractions and focus on what matters. We know that it can be difficult to navigate the age of distraction, so we look to the experts.

Tim Ferris, a best-selling author and entrepreneur, gave some world-class advice in his book, The Four-Hour Workweek. He explained how digital distractions could cause us to lose sight of our goals by using the news as an example. I found this section of the book to be insightful because it’s something I have been practicing for years. He suggests that we stop watching the news. Now before you lose your marbles, hear him out.

Why I Don’t Watch The News

The main thing I hear when I tell people that I never watch the news or listen to it on the radio is, “Don’t you want to know what’s going on in the world?” That’s the thing, I will know. I don’t need to waste 20-30 minutes of my day watching it because if something super important does happen, everyone else will regurgitate it all day anyway. 

I let co-workers, family, and friends do the news-watching for me. Trust me when I say that anything I genuinely need to know, I know. What does this do for me? For one thing, it keeps my vibrations high. The news is meant to be negative because it’s there to do two things: inform and drive ratings. We are people, and we like horror. What do you think watching something so negative does to your vibrations, especially when there’s little-to-nothing you can do to fix it?

How to Not get Distracted and Stay Creative

Man Consumed by Digital Distraction

When you’re looking to learn how not to get distracted and stay creative, there are a few key points to remember. I already covered one vital task: let everyone else do the worrying for you. Let’s capitalize on it by adding a few other things to the mix.

If you have the means or ability to delegate mindless tasks to someone else, do it. If you can pay someone $5-10 to mow your lawn, and it buys you two hours to write that screenplay, do it! Not only are you transferring your energy to something worthwhile, but you’re also avoiding digital distractions. It’s just an example; you can also do these things when you’re avoiding digital distractions:

  • Make lists to keep you organized.
  • Start your day by meditating on your main goal for the day.
  • Give yourself time limits on apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Put your phone in another room if you have to.
  • Go outside once a day without any technology and just soak it in.

What is Mindshare?

Mindshare is public awareness of a phenomenon, which we touched on earlier when we were discussing the news.

How to Avoid Mindshare Marketing

You can avoid the robot mentality of mindshare marketing by being aware of it. If you start seeing weird adds popping up all over your feeds of the same thing, you’re probably falling victim to it. Brands live off of mindshare marketing for an obvious reason. Social media helps spread brand awareness through different conversions. The problem with mindshare marketing is that people will expend their energy to get something just because everyone else says it has value, based off of its popularity.

A Classic Case But a Modern Example of Digital Distractions

Are diamonds digital distractions? Yes. Diamonds are probably one of the best mind share moves that ever existed. A copywriter came up with the slogan “Diamonds are Forever” in 1948, and now there’s a multi-billion dollar wedding industry that continues to boom. Throw in all the sociological impacts of weddings, and you’ll see the weight mindshare marketing can have on your life. Buy something for its purpose, not for its impression on others.

WealthHunters’ Mission to Obliterate Digital Distraction

We hate digital distractions. Here at WealthHunters, we don’t believe in word-vomit. There’s no point in creating SEO pages with hundreds of keywords stuffed in there if nobody is going to get anything from it. Digital distractions can entertain and arouse, but they can’t give you anything concrete.  These types of digital distractions cause more harm than good.

Anything we note on here is to answer a question you might have. We believe in the value of self-education, not digital distractions. If you’re the type of person who Googles your problems, you’ll probably end up here.

It’s Easy to Get off Track With Digital Distractions

How to not get distracted: work the right job. When I used to work as a Fraud Analyst, I knew I was in the wrong field. A creative life was calling, but I was terrified of answering out of fear of being poor. Writers and artists can’t make money––at least that’s all I had ever heard up until I moved to Los Angeles. I would go home and watch Netflix (one of my many digital distractions); then I would start the same day all over again.

I remember poking my head up from my desk and staring out at a sea of cubicles and thinking, “I don’t belong here.” I used to repeat to myself on the way to work, “Someone is going to pay me to write.” I meant it, but I wasn’t sure it was going to happen, but it made me happier than my digital distractions did.

The Importance of Visualizing

When someone finally hired me to write, I was so dumbfounded that I subconsciously manifested my dreams again. Things rarely happen the way your digital distractions portray it; otherwise, how would they sell content? You have to seek out opportunities to get them.

It took six months for me to make more than enough money to live off. If you have the right purpose, you won’t care how long it takes or what you have to sacrifice. Without realizing it, I was always operating on a high vibrational frequency.

The Honest Truth About Vibrations & Wealth

If you’re looking to raise your financial vibrations in order to manifest wealth, there are a few key things you should do in conjunction with ridding yourself of digital distractions. 

  1. Think about your ideal amount of money. We tend to hover around the amount that makes us comfortable. Once we start making more, we shy away. Be money conscious and aware of what your financial fears are so that you can defeat digital distractions!
  2. Focus on a figure that you would like to make, even if it seems insane at the time. 
  3. Manifest your ideal wealth by operating at higher vibrations. You can do this by imaging a life where you have the exact amount of money you want.
  4. Ditch the digital distractions that make you feel bad about your ideas. If there’s someone you follow that makes you feel like you suck at life, unfollow them!
  5. Push yourself toward this new life by avoiding digital distractions. Do something to get yourself closer, even if it’s small.

Stay Positive in the Age of Distraction

Avoid digital distractions. Avoid digital distractions. Avoid. Digital Distractions. We honestly cannot stress this enough. Why? Because while binge watching Netflix or scrolling through your feed is merely a temporary fix to an ongoing issue. Digital distractions do nothing but drain energy. We use our favorite shows to hide from the lives we want. Seeing other people live the life you want is not motivation. You have to start doing the work yourself. How you think is a reflection of the things you accept in your life, including digital distractions. Avoid digital distractions and things that steal your energy at all costs, and you should be just fine in the age of digital distractions.

We Want to Help You Unplug from Digital Distractions, Define Your Goals, and Execute!

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