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Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? Have trouble focusing for long periods of time? Contrary to the interests of large pharmaceutical companies, non-medication solutions exist. Yoga and meditation are two natural ways to reduce anxiety and depression. By committing to improve your consciousness, you can increase your ability to focus on accomplishing your goals.

Consciousness is rather vague when it’s not attached to action. At WealthHunters, we help you maximize the power of the present moment by providing you actionable content and free consultation.

Conscious awareness can also improve your financial health. Money problems often lead to emotional problems. Struggling to pay your rent definitely increases stress levels. Plus, it can be difficult to reduce stress if you can’t afford a vacation, or a yoga membership, or another outlet for a mental break.

We are all living manifestations of our thoughts. Accepting your current situation and the person you are today is the first step in change. Begin your transformation by writing down what you want to accomplish and what your dream like looks like. After you have done so, we help you create a step-by-step game plan to execute your vision!

By reading the articles on our consciousness blog, you will develop new skills to cope with life’s challenges. We also provide free consultations to help increase your quality of life through conscious awareness. There’s no strings attached- try our free conscious empowerment consultation today! Or, keep reading to gather more conscious wisdom and insight.

What is Consciousness?

The state of keeping mental activity fixed in the present moment without drifting to the past or future.

As previously stated, consciousness is abstract when it is not connected to action. To start improving consciousness, practice focusing 100% of your energy on your current action. Right now, you’re reading. Are you thinking about what you want to do next? Or, are fully focused on every word?

A consciousness gap is the length of time between when you’re fully focused and when you’re lost in thought. We all have gaps in consciousness. The difference between the average human and a Buddhist monk is the length between consciousness gaps. Understand it’s natural for your mind to drift to the past or future. Once you realize you’re “lost in thought”, you’re conscious. Simply return your attention back to the task at-hand.

Increasing your ability to “zone in” on the present moment has infinite rewards. If your goal is to become wealthy, consistently take actions that push you closer to success. For most humans, “needing a break” is the largest problem. Society shamelessly promotes that breaks are somehow good for us. We are programmed to believe taking a break from progress leads to enjoyment. For most of us, this just heightens our anxiety. Self-made millionaires create success through intention and action, not breaks. If balance is what you seek, master balancing your life with a well-rounded schedule. If wealth is what you seek, master clarifying your intent and increasing your action.

Our goal is to help increase your ability to live in the moment by publishing informative, actionable content. Now, let’s define consciousness.

Consciousness Synonyms

  • Mindfulness
  • Presense
  • Realization
  • Awareness

Forms of Consciousness

There are three common forms of consciousness. We have interpreted each one using an NCBI article as a reference. Without hesitation, let’s jump right in!


Minimal consciousness is the occurrence of thought activity whether the individual is aware of thought itself or not. Accordingly, animals are often described as minimally conscious. Humans can also be considered minimally conscious when classified as “brain dead”.


Perceptual consciousness is the ability to identify people, places, and things in context while thought occurs. Hence, mentally healthy people (mostly) live in a state of perceptual mindfulness. You can be “lost in thought” and perceptually conscious at the same time. Many mentally-ill humans live in a state of perceptual consciousness. Furthermore, humans capable of experiencing advanced states of consciousness can occasionally be perceptually conscious. For instance, intoxicated people can be perceptually conscious even though they typically function in a higher state of consciousness while sober.


Introspective consciousness is the ability to think while being aware of thought itself. In a state of introspective consciousness, one is able to easily separate themselves from their thoughts. Basically, you are not your thoughts. Buddhist monks and yogis primarily operate in a state of introspective consciousness.

Leveraging Consciousness in Business

In the digital age, distractions are abundant. Productivity is largely dependent on the ability to focus. Because there is always “something else” to focus on, it’s easy to focus on many things and accomplish very little.

Accordingly, presence of mind is more important than ever. When a portion of your conscious thought is fixed on the past or the future, it’s nearly impossible to efficiently complete tasks. Therefore, presence of mind is one of our top priorities! Contact us and tell us your goals- we’re committed to help you achieve financial and spiritual freedom.

How To Increase Your Consciousness

Improving your consciousness requires exercise. Practicing meditation and yoga are great ways to improve your consciousness. Reading a book, or any activity that requires consistent focus, also helps increase your consciousness. Furthermore, it’s important to avoid unconscious activities. Mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or television channels takes you further away from consciousness. Ask yourself this- “what is the goal for my action?” Then, don’t go down the rabbit hole if you can’t justify the action’s value.

Writing down your goals is another way to increase your consciousness. Vividly describe every aspect of your dream life. Where are you living? What kind of car are you driving? How do you earn your money? How are you helping the people around you? After defining your dream life, write down the objectives and tasks required for its attainment. Once you’ve done that, you will have a foundation to begin manifesting success because you’ve successfully transferred your thoughts and ambitions to the physical world.

WealthHunters’ Consciousness Blog provides frequent reminders to help you focus on what matters. Take advantage of our FREE Guide To Consciousness Download and manifest greatness today!


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