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    The International Chess Federation is first global sports association with its own NFT marketplace

    From CoinTelegraph: FIDE said that it hopes to “welcome a new crypto demographic” through the “gamification of iconic match moments, unique collectibles [and] chess-related art.” Digitalization keeps on coming to one of the oldest games in the world as FIDE, the International Chess Federation, announces its plans for a nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace. The group said that […]

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    The DeFi Blue Chips to Watch

    From Decrypt: In the traditional equities market, “blue-chip” stocks are household names that have proven strong financials and steady returns over the long term, even through downturns. The label is far from technical, and functions more as the financial community’s subjective stamp of approval: These companies are here to stay, and you can’t go wrong […]

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