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Our primary goal is always to ensure value and benefit to every WealthHunter that visits the website. We vow to always provide information that genuinely helps our visitors and members spiritually, financially, and/or physically. As we connect you with products, services, people, and companies to help you accomplish and obtain your goals, we reserve the right to generate revenue from affiliate advertising opportunities. Any information provided via form submission, phone call, or by any means is subject to be shared with companies or services that we deem can help you accomplish your financial, physical, or spiritual goals. If you do not wish for us to try to help you through connecting you with external resources, simply notify us via writing at any time. If you have any questions about our relationship with affiliates, we are happy to answer them! We remain transparent about our goals and intentions to help anyone seeking to improve the quality of their life! In order to do so, we must earn money and provide you with tremendous value. Feel free to contact us with any questions at info@wealthhunters.com

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